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  1. This. Start really taking note of where the grip is when you finish swings you think were bad. For me it started to notice on bad swings I wasn't really getting it down into my fingers. Not quite up into the palm either but not quite into the fingers enough. Once I realize that and started ensuring it is right at address the rest seems to fall into place. It doesn't make sense to me but I think even a slight grip change gives me different feels at the top and helps me get the arms out of it to some extent and makes shallowing feel more natural.
  2. Thanks. I'll keep what you said in mind. More upright appeals to me in general as I like my eyes ever so slightly inside the ball and I don't like having to bend so much to get there. Yes, I miss every green, and multiple times. Scrambling is ok, but there are bad days there as well. Out of the tee box and approach is downright pathetic. I can't get the ball in the air and fighting a snap hook through the bag. Putting is never a problem with only very occasional 3 putts, usually when the pin is jammed in the middle of a McKenzie. Maybe 26 is an exaggeration, but generally the apps are showing about 1.65 per hole over the last several years. I changed a grip at the beginning of the year and that started going up. Went back to the old grip and it is trending down again. I don't count fringe putts as putts of course and often get to 1 putt range from those fringe attempts. I rarely miss from 4-8 foot range. My problem putts are 2-4 feet when I always miss right regardless of the read/break. Does missing from such a short range, putting well from longer range give any insight coupled with a face balanced putter with very slight arc? Some of my playing partners have suggested that since I'm so good at lagging from medium to long distance that I'm trying too hard to drip in the short ones when I would be better off just trying to drill them into the hole from that range. Standing more upright and doing that helps but I always unconsciously fall back into the same problem.
  3. I putt with a Spider X face balanced single bend putter. I consider myself a really good putter. I don't sink many long ones and that is never the goal. I try and lag it to tap in range and have been successful at that. When my irons and scrambling are on a good day I'm generally upset with a 26+ putt day. Over time I've developed a very slight arc. I'm wondering if there is any way to bend a single bend shaft without wrecking it to get a tiny bit of toe hang?
  4. Jeff / Newfoundland, Canada 28 Cobra F9 150
  5. 1. Jeff, NL, Canada 2. 24 HI, ~95 MPH 3. TM R15 (upright, weights removed, stock stiff shaft) 4. I'd like to test the G400 MAX with a regular shaft. I didn't know anything about clubs when I bought the R15 and while I'm starting to get it under control I'd love to test something new, more suited to me.
  6. Wow, trying to get a set of F7 One Length on EBay but this is better! 1. Jeff, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada 2. TaylorMade R15 Driver (Stiff) TaylorMade Aeroburner 3W (Regular) TaylorMade Aeroburner 3H (Stiff) TaylorMade Aeroburner 4-AW (Regular) Clevland RTX 2.0 52, 56, 60 Oddessey Works #1W Versa 35" Bridgestone E6 3. HI 24 4. Goals Lose weight. I walk all my rounds. Increase flexibility. Learn patience and properly course management. Learn to take my medicine and stop "going for it". Not shoot over 100. I went from 36 to 24 really quickly late last season. Want to keep that momentum going. Regularly break 90s. Flight or break 80s. Develop a more consistent repeatable swing. Biggest issue is with driver so want to learn to get a nice repeatable fairway finding drive. Find a regular group to play with. Be competitive in league night and club year ends. Play in every work and business related tournament that I can find. When chosen to support cobra post after every round and make all data public. If I can I will choose One Length F8s and do my best to evaluate them. Match the 90+ round equivalent I played last summer. Represent non traditional athletic, early 40's golfers who have returned to the game after 15+ year hiatus. One last plug for me! I'm in the NST timezone, that is UTC-3.5. So not only would I be one of the lucky recipients in a truly weird timezone, I'll also be the first to finish a round and report back every day before most are out of bed.
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