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  1. Please count me in, if I am allowed to participate been based in the UK. I'm a right handed golfer and take a glove size small
  2. Hi Ian, Its nice to have another voice from this side of the pond. I have to admit I have not yet had the chance to visit Scotland to golf but it certainly is on my list of things to do. Nick
  3. Handicap 19.9 Driver SS 97 Current Ball Callaway SuperSoft or Wilson DX2 Not ProV1 as in the signature (now updated)
  4. I have just come across a live placeholder for the taylormade aeroburner irons on a uk major retailers website "American golf". I have tried to have a look on Twitter and other sites for more info but nothing has come up yet. Has anyone else heard anything.
  5. I have just posted the review in the Members Review section. Pictures will be added very soon. Nick
  6. The Tsunami of 2014 golf gear has begun, and first to hit the shores is the new Wilson Staff Nexus stand bag. Released only a few days ago, on first sight I knew that was my new bag. There was no argument over colour choice for me. I'm 27, wear yellow Adizero tour shoes, and occasionally the matching yellow polo shirt so you can see that my only option was the white with orange highlights. The red or blue were just not going to light my fire like the white, and it looks even better in person than in the pictures. The stand bag market has 3 distinct sectors, the very cheap and featureless
  7. I have one and am just finishing the review now. This should be posted within the next 12 hours. The words are all done, its now just the accompaning pictures. Stay Posted.
  8. Thank you all for your generous comments, Just to update you I played another round today with the TP3 and my previous comments still stand. For three holes on my round I played both a Penta TP3 and a NXT Tour. I played the TP3 as my scoring ball and dropped the NXT Tour at the side for each shot. I found that the TP3 had a higher flight, and stopped in a shorter distance on impact (averaged about 14 inches). For me this is an advantage as the weather in the UK becomes warmer and the greens dry and harden. For durability It has survived 2 full rounds, and it is starting to show, but for my
  9. Thank you for summarising my 500 words in one line , yes you're right, in my opinion the TP3 has same distance as the original penta with better feel, and better short iron spin.
  10. Apologies as this is my first specific forum review, but after today i felt obliged to let you all know my findings. Firstly let me introduce myself, I'm Nick a 25 year with old with only 18 months golfing experience. I currently have a set of Callaway Big Bertha irons, Titlest 910 d2 driver, Taylormade Ghost Mallet putter, and vokey wedges (52 and 60). For the past 6 months i have been taking lessons and play off 19. I have been using the original Penta for about 3 months ago a from a free dozen supplied from my local retailer. Having given 2 out of my remaining 4 Penta balls an early wat
  11. I think this would be a great thing, It should include aspect and item, from drivers, through to putters and golf balls. I would be most intrested in the bulk test of all available golf balls which have been used by a group of people with the same equipment. This is one of the most important factors which I personally feel is overlooked. Matching the correct golf ball to the style of the golfer and their equipment. e.g. if the bulk test concieved above took let say a TaylorMade Penta and was used by all range of golfers with all styles of clubs it may show that a golfer with a slower
  12. Wow, wow, wow. I love it. It's truly a modern looking putter. With the weight low at the back and bottom this should be a dream to use, aiming though might be tricky. I love the style, shape and looks though. This is something which pininfarina / apple would be proud of (legend car design studio / and maker of all beautiful tech)
  13. Hopefully it will be a new driver with the cobra shape on the top like the drivers from 2008. I love the look at address.
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