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  1. Gorgeous clubs! Saw them in my local shop but with Covid no demo days upcoming :(


    Tim/Morganton NC


    Cleveland 588 MB/CB combo (that are starting to feel heavy and short 😆)

    Hope I'm chosen as this would be a great way to end the summer and transition back to school... a real adventure this year! 

  2. PLEASE let the newb have a crack! I'm finally signing up (after a long time lurking) because I'm a Cleveland fanboy, even if I'm not hitting their sticks presently  :wacko:


    So I'm Tim, from Morganton NC...  Gaming presently a Ping G400Max with stock Ping stiff shaft. Swingspeed around 105 (until I get tired), carry +/- 240-50 and currently at a 13.


    In fact, I'm bailing out of work early today to try and regain some form...


    Cheers, y'all!!

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