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  1. Solid ball for the price. If you like yellow, than it's even better.
  2. Good stuff guys. It was cool to see Lydia Ko, work on a feel in her backswing this past weekend (as a pre-swing) and it was eye opening. Even pros need feels and drills to work on. I always assumed pros know what to do and just do everything correctly already.
  3. I still can't kick out the Wlson D100 driver out of the bag. I've gone the hybrid irons route and never considered the LaunchPad. I am sure they are just as good as the Halo XL irons. But, they are not advertised as widely as Cleveland. Also, Cleveland consistently does demo days 6 months out of every year. You can't sit back and expect a following.
  4. Maybe, look at the used ball market?
  5. Isn't this the move we're all really after? I am tired of the inconsistency of my arm swing and will work on a chest turn and early shift as shown in this video. https://rotaryswing.com/c4/364-start-downswing-before-completing-backswing start it at the 2:50 mark
  6. NC Golfer

    Maxfli Tour

    Does anyone in the group, play the yellow one? Is the X version that much of a difference?
  7. Have limited range of motion due to a chronic lead shoulder problem. Have been to the doctor and golf pt a few months ago. I have the exercises to get me back on track. With that said, I need a work around now, whether it is a set up modification or a swing style to accomodate this limitation. Any thoughts on this? On the back swing, I can't make it to parallel.
  8. Plus one. Surpringly, it feels good for a firm two piece ball. I agree with the comments on the matte balls. I just don't understand them and why they are so popular. They don't have the same feel as a glossy one. I am really enjoying the Velocity, I just wished it came out in a glossy color.
  9. Anyone else game the Titleist Velocity? I know at that price you can get urethanes like Ksig and Elixir's. But, since using the XL Halo irons which are light and soft, I find this ball is a great pairing. Anyone try the the 2022 Velocity's? They just released the matte colored ones.
  10. Will be staying in Gravenhurst this summer for a vacation. Looking to play in the area. But, not staying at any of the resorts. Which ones are good for public play and have decent club rentals?
  11. For most of my golfing life, I would just swing. I think many of us started that way. I didn't stay with it because, when I tried to transition to a lower body move (hip bump, hip or ground up), I would give up after a round or two. Those who made this transition successfully, how did you do it?
  12. NC Golfer

    CUT Golf

    Cut Grey deal, https://sport.woot.com/offers/cut-golf-cut-grey-golf-balls-8?ref=w_cnt_lnd_cat_sprt_17_1
  13. These are fun to play and watch the colors spin. But, I much prefer the white or yellow qst. They feel better than the divide.
  14. I like my hy-wood. The good shots are great and the mishits are playable. I have a senior shaft. Haven't hit the Callaways.
  15. Done with fairways off the deck. Why are modern fairways so shallow and small. The hy-wood works well for me as a replacement club off the deck.
  16. Plus 1. Bought the XL Halo hybrid irons in a Sr shaft. They were much lighter and more flexible. But, I was able to get used to it and my thought was at the time of purchase, I am not getting any younger and I would grow into them. It just took one season. Love the Hy-Wood in the hybrid shaft. If money is a concern you can buy all of the hybrid irons used or prior gen. I'll add that I recently had a Maverick rental in a senior shaft while on vacation and that was very playable. Ordering through CPO is a steal.
  17. Maybe, use a XL Halo hybrid or Callaway Super Hybrid. These are very user friendly off deck.
  18. I believe they ae numbered QST, QST2, QST3. https://mygolfspy.com/2022-srixon-q-star-tour-golf-balls/
  19. It has taken a while and now I love the Xl halo irons. They are very forgiving and basically go straight. As their ad, said - kiss your swing thoughts good bye. That's what I did and it works.
  20. NC Golfer

    CUT Golf

    Sounds similar to Soft Feel. But, cheaper.
  21. Thanks, for the videos DriverBreaker. Good thoughts on the backswing. What are your downswing thoughts? Is a bump of the hips or swing from the ground up mandatory for a good downswing?
  22. Chisag, Thanks, for sharing. Makes sense. My best shots are coming out of the woods, trying to hit it low under a tree limb and the ball goes high. What's a good change of focus for the driver or a teed up ball?
  23. I haven't. But, it's a 3 piece ball and 45 compression, should be decent. I would try it, if it were available in yellow.
  24. Kudos for playing the right tees before you take on more. The D9's just went on sale. Haven't played them. But, Wilson is a good bang for the buck. You can't go wrong with what you stated. But, there's also TourEdge and Sub70 for good value. The Sub70 hybrids are getting good feedback. You can demo them, too. Also, Callaway pre-owned.
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