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  1. Renar Arkansas Cobra Amp Cell. Honestly no clue on shaft and flex so whatever came with the clubs. 7i-158-160
  2. 1-Fowler 2-Kutcher 3-Dufner 4-Woodland 5-Vegas -5
  3. Is it just me or does that ping 400 series of drivers seem bad ass
  4. Congrats. Fun contest. Maybe total combined score to par next time. Definitely a cool set of prices.
  5. Great round by Reed. Well earned win. He should wear pink on Sunday from now on.
  6. Maybe so. I just didn't like like it. I thought it was smug. He acted as if he was on Tigers level. He is not.
  7. Part of the reason I don't like reed is cause he wears red on Sunday while playing with tiger. Disrespect
  8. Reed reminds me of Graham McDowell when he won the us open. Be interesting to see if he can make something out of it.
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