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  1. Tim / Calif 13.8 I have not, but would love to
  2. Tim- Kingsburg, Ca 13.5 Callaway Apex 19 Black Cat
  3. Tim/CA 13.8/105 Callaway Big Bertha OS #3 22* or 4 hybrid. I would like to test something that would fill the gap I have at around 200 yards
  4. Kingsburg and work in Fresno also.
  5. Tim / Kingsburg 105 MPH Titleist Pro V One Have not tried Snell's golf balls before
  6. With only 11 clubs in the bag, I have some adding on to do. Updates are always happening with my bag. Satisfaction is not guaranteed.
  7. Super clean head. No dings or chatter. Has a Project X Smoke 6.0 70 gram shaft. Comes with brand new head cover.
  8. I cannot say enough good things about the Apex 19 irons. I use the 6-AW and every club has been money. I have never hit my irons this consistently well. Before getting them I was considering going all hybrids as I was just so disappointed by my play. Thought hasn't crossed my mind since this purchase.
  9. I was really hitting the Rogue well when I decided to trade it in towards an Epic Flash...may have been a mistake as my driving has not been the same.
  10. This may be an option I look into. I am currently carrying 2 drivers in my bag. Swing with the driver has been trash though so it has been hard to get any reliable results.
  11. I have had Srixon irons in the past and have absolutely loved them. That being said, I have never tried a Srixon driver. Local Roger Dunns might have them, but haven't swung one. That needs to change.
  12. I might need to revisit the F9. I did not give it much of a chance to stay in my bag. I could not get used to the stock grip when I first purchased it and instead of changing the grip I just took it back to Roger Dunn's.
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