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  1. James Mesquite NV Taylormade Rossa Mezza Monza. Prefer something not face balanced. Putting is usually a strength in my game. I knock down a 10-15 footer almost once per round. Rarely miss a 4 foot. Average 35 putts a round
  2. James Drollinger Mesquite,NV; LasVegas NV 24 HDCP. 30 rounds a year, get real active during summer. I have Facebook, Twitter, IG...not that active but I could be. Current bag/jumble: Cobra F6+ driver, taylormade 3&5 hybrid. 6-P 1995BigBertha's. Sand wedge is an Adams Idea A2OS. 52*&60* wedge are Cleveland. 65* wedge is a BeCu Fourth Wedge. Putter is a taylormade rossa. Swing speed is 90 Would love to game a regular flex driver, 3-4-5 hybrid, ONE LENGTH 6-7-8-9-P-52-S-60. Either wedge set is great, Kings or f9's. Cart Bag.
  3. Jimmer Nevada Chamois Jumbo/ Superstroke jumbo SNSR 140CC
  4. Jimmer So Nevada 24 HDCP Cleveland CG11 52*, Adams Idea A2OS SW(56*), Cleveland CGF1 60*, Senator BeCu 65* Would love to try a 52,56,60 set, but I'm not picky if those aren't the exact available
  5. Jimmer, So. NV Handicap 24 Current wedges: used globalgolf Cleveland 52, thrift store Adams Idea A2 SW 56, Surplus store Cleveland 60, Fourth wedge BeCu 65. Would like a 52,56,60... But as long as the 60 is one of them, I'm flexible.
  6. Jimmer, So. Nevada 24 handicap Nike PD soft High handicap, I prefer a soft
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