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  1. Shane: Smithville, MO Vokey SM5 50/56/60 would take the 56
  2. I was reading the recent article about the value of the Tour Exotics EXS and it got me to thinking about how you can assign a number to value. I'm not statistician by any means so I chose the simplest method I could think of. I reviewed the Most Wanted Drivers data and came up with a formula. (Yards - Yards from center)/Cost. This rewards long distance and low dispersion per dollar amount. You end up with a decimal that would indicate the most bang for your buck. The higher the value the more value it has or at least that is the idea. The data matches the assessment of the article on the Tour
  3. Shane Utah 17.2 Currently playing i200 Would like to compare to the i500
  4. 1. Shane 2. Utah, USA 3. 15.2 GHIN 4. GolfLogix
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