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  1. I can only speculate that it could be the Alta Distanza 40 Gram Shafts. They've been listed as an option, off and on, Ping's website but at this point, it's anybody's guess. If I'd known the problem ahead of time, I've ordered the two clubs from TGW with SR shafts and be done with it. I could always go to a 3rd party for the 40 Gram shaft later. This is ridiculous!
  2. You guys are fortunate...I'm into week 14 waiting for 2 fairway woods from Ping w/ stock shafts ordered by Club Champion in mid February. I'm about to make my 4th call to get an update. The anticipated delivery date has slid three times already. And since I live in SE GA, I've already missed 5 significant tournaments I could have used them. Now, I'm not sure who to blame.
  3. I sidelined the Elixir 2 seasons ago. It was replaced by a Snell MTB, then a Bridgestone RX, Titleist TruFeel, Titleist Tour Soft and a Titleist AVX. Anyone can tell from my list that I change balls whenever I find one that's longer than the one I'm playing. BTW, I play 6 days a week. Still, I've been a big fan of OnCore. ever since I heard about their "Genius" efforts, so when they offered the Vero X1, I gave it a try. I did warn OnCore that I change balls regularly and was admittedly skeptical until I put it into play. WOW! Knowing that the AVX was the longest ball I was playing, the Vero X
  4. A golf pro and friend of mine owns one and has posted a number of pics from the device. He really likes it and uses it when he practices. I've been wanting one for nearly a year now but won't buy it until the android version is ready. It was supposed to be ready in 2020 and since querying them, they now say early 2021, we'll see. I refuse to give Apple any of my money.
  5. I've used both and at the end of the day, I'd use ShotScope's V2 before going back to Arcoss. I found their tag cumbersome, it was a power drag on my old Samsung S8 and other than telling me the wind speed (which shouldn't be used in a tournament) I found the ShotScope just as effective. Now with the new V3, it's only gotten better. Kudos to the Scott's! G400 Max, 8.5 Degree Driver G410 Plus, 15.5 Degree 3-Wood G410 Plus, 19.5 Degree 5-Wood G410, 22 Degree 4-Hybrid G410, 26 Degree 5-Hybrid I500, 6 Iron - U Wedge
  6. Wayne Georgia Ping S56/Green Dot/NS 095 Reg +1" 7-Iron = 135 yards
  7. Wayne Georgia 9 HDCP 85 SS Ping G400 MAX 8.5* SR Shaft Ping G400 SFT 10* Reg Shaft White Grip
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