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  1. Really looking forward to this review. Would love to know if this is worth the purchase.
  2. I've had a speaker in my bag for years and have always been very careful about how loud it is. Always respecting people around me and not having the music so loud that other groups can hear it. I even turn it down at the turn so people aren't listening to my music when they are putting or practicing. Having said all of that, music on the course is almost a must for my group of friends. I get the enjoying nature part of golf but, for me, music is a large part of relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. It's a great way to forget some of your swing thoughts and just swing with the tempo. Have the UE Boom and it is great. Fits in cup holders nicely and is very portable and light when travelling. The Megaboom seems a little large for the golf course and too big to lug around if you are travelling to destinations for golf.
  3. Love TXG they do a really great job of breaking down equipment to understandable terms and they will test with different level golfers. Learn a lot from them. Rick Shiels is great but his swing speeds make it hard to relate for the average golfer. Adventures in golf is a great watch for the weird and wacky stuff in the world of golf.
  4. Tier 1: Jordan Spieth Tier 2: Bubba Watson Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Kiradech Aphibarnrat Tier 5: Patton Kizzire Winning Score: -9
  5. Anh BC, Canada Do you use performance tracking? - Yes​ Do you use a GPS watch? - Yes SwingxSwing App and Garmin Vivoactive watch
  6. Anh/BC 56 - Taylormade TP, 52 - Vokey SM6 F Grind, 50 - Cleveland RTX 588 Used to be money with the wedges as I was a higher handicap and usually took three shots to get to a par 4 hit a lot of good shots in from a 100 yards. But as I got longer with my driver it took out a lot of those shots and now coming in with mid to low irons instead so have lost a lot of tough with those wedges. Trying to get those wedges back. I'm still very decent with a bunker shot if there is enough sand in the bunker and little bump and runs have become a lot better. Current handicap - 10.4
  7. Here's my rant for the day. I have two golf buddies who I've been playing regularly with for 3 years. This year due to stuff happening in their kids' hockey team one guy no longer wants to play golf with the other. One guy has no idea why the other has not come out lately and I have been playing alternate days with each of them and lying to the guy who has no clue. It's getting tiring answering/avoiding questions and I'm tired of having to cover the other guys ass cause he won't deal with his problem directly. Not so bad though still playing twice a week so I'm not really crying too hard.
  8. Just ordered 2 dozen and it was their 4 piece ball not a four piece. Is the 4 piece the same as last time? https://www.costco.com/Kirkland-Signature-4-piece-Urethane-Cover-Golf-Ball%2C-2-dozen.product.100310467.html
  9. Got mine about a month and a half ago. Used on for about 7 rounds. Originally purchased it on Kickstarter for a Bagboy Quad. They sent me the brackets for that specific cart. Only set up was taking the wheels off. Played with it for about 4 rounds with the Quad cart and it didn't turn very well. the turning response was not very good due to the two static front wheels. Saw the eWheel at the local golf shop on a Rovic cart with a swivelling front wheel. Bought that cart and another set of brackets for the new cart. It's worked great on the course with the new cart and it's been great. Took a while to get used to using the remote and paying attention to the cart but it's been great the last couple of rounds. Makes the walk a lot better and not having to push the cart up hills has been great. Was scared it would not last for a full round as the lights that tell you how much power you have left goes down really quickly. But I've had no problems with it lasting a full round.
  10. I walk whenever it's allowed. Makes the round more enjoyable when you can talk to your partners and you get different conversations with different golf partners. I think it makes the game more social and way more enjoyable. Not really sure if it makes my game any better but it sure does make it way more fun and more connected to the course.
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