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  1. I remember what it was like to be on this list... having fun, thank you all for the competition!
  2. grey, 45* and the deck is white with hail... ahh spring in Oregon
  3. Zalatoris will make at least one of my fantasy golf rosters this week otherwise don't know who to pick
  4. Same as others "wedge" flex (or unnoted) is my current shaft(s) Is this flex somewhere between what a stiff and regular iron shaft would be?
  5. I've had good luck with the Ventus Blue econo model, just the 4T core, nice medium high ball flight, good feel and stable. Gaming in my Titleist TS2
  6. After round 1 a bunched leaderboard with a lot middle of the pack players golfing their ball. Anyone else noticing issues with pgatour.com? Not showing stats or results on player pages, leaderboard not displaying... ?
  7. Hah, I'm still living in 2021... wow I really wasn't paying attention!
  8. I missed the second contest - but found this How many balls went into the water at No. 17 at TPC Sawgrass? (thegolfnewsnet.com)
  9. Yah baby! Only goal is to make week 2 everything past that is cake! Thank you for setting us up @GolfSpy_APH!
  10. I'm not seeing the WD poll, fantrax or MGS? Without finding poll my vote is "NO" for mid tourney WD replacement
  11. @GolfSpy_THVI couldn't/can't get the "Spring Invitational" to show under Tour events try search and it a says "You have no invitations for Tour Events yet" What am I missing?
  12. This will push me in to the world of stat tracking. Thank you MGS!
  13. Shane Eugene, Oregon Current ball - Callaway Super Soft I haven't touched a Top Flite ball since the old XL days - 1985, 87 ?
  14. Shane, Eugene, Oregon I have not used a hitting net, but have played on various simulators hitting into a screen Not with a net but with previous simulator play - Do you use any sort of LM with one
  15. Shane, Eugene, OR Current wedge - 54* Callaway Mack Daddy 4 & 58* Callaway PM Grind 2019 Would like to test - CLEVELAND GOLF RTX ZIPCORE 54* MID
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