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  1. Shane Eugene, OR 94 mph Driver Swing Speed 20 Handicap
  2. Shane, Oregon Current driver shaft - Diamana D+ 70 Driver Swing Speed - 93 mph I would like to increase swing speed, improve distance and carry I don't have regular access to a launch monitor
  3. Always up for a competition, thank you for the opportunity MGS
  4. 20 years ago when I was able to play 3 or 4 times a week the game would converge and all aspects would occasionally click. Now, only being able to play once a week I've just accepted that rounds will be a good driving round, a good chipping round, a good putting round but seldom 2 of the 3 and never all 3 clicking. Sorry, caught in a memory... the only way i've found to have a consistent is frequent play. Practice can help you get the basic but on course correction and adaptation is how to put together a complete game.
  5. Shane, Eugene, OR The Garmin watch I had died so I am back to stakes, sprinkler heads and the kindness of playing partners who have DMD. The golf game has become all about the numbers; swing speed, ball speed, launch angle and exacting distances, so computing technology is a natural partner. Game tracking apps, launch monitors and distance measuring devices take some of the feel out of the game but if you want to keep up with the Jones having the latest tools and technology is necessary. Sign me up for testing and lets see what the Skycaddie can do.
  6. When my swing is in a funk i'll take my old Wilson staff tour model 5 iron to the range and swing until I'm getting good tempo and strike. Blades can be beneficial because of the feedback they provide while grooving a swing and if I can hit that 5 iron I know I'll hit my Rogue Pro's better.
  7. it will be another one to try.... just a tough wait until February, March....
  8. Depends on if you can play through the winter and the $$ situation. Late November early December discounts can happen that may save you a couple hundred dollars but the tech will always change to bigger, longer straighter... figure out when you will (your son will) be able to get in the practice and play time and get the clubs that fit best, feel best and fit in your budget.
  9. Tour Edge CBProS 50* wedge - dialed in, high,low, confident with any shot from 85 to 100 yards with this club.
  10. Shane Oregon Taylormade Ghost Manta 35" Frontline 4.0
  11. Shane, Oregon 20.4 Handicap Playing Callaway Rogue Pro Irons The carry distance of 7 iron is 154 yards
  12. The Callaway ShipShow is pushing to get 75 reviews on their podcast and they are giving away prizes - golf balls, head covers, clubs all may be on the table. The best avenue I found to submit a review is via an Apple product (iphone, ipad), search in the podcast App for "Callaway Podcast", go to The ShipShow, scroll down and you should see a "Write a Review" link. You can also use iTunes and search in Podcasts. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-shipshow-podcast/id1468971502 If you just want the entertainment go the Callaway Golf web site https://www.callawaygolf.com/podcast/ The podcasts will play in most browsers. Good Luck All!
  13. I don't think I put in tie break answer - if it matters, counts, etc Tour Champ Winning Score -16
  14. Shane, Oregon TaylorMade Ghost Manta Center Shaft 19.3 I've been looking to go back to heal shaft putter so...
  15. Bunker Snot

    Bunker Snot

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