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  1. Lewis Vonore TN 11 Various Titleist Comfort, at age 71 aches and pains everywhere including the feet. Must admit I NEVER thought about what shoe was going to give me the most distance (and color me a little skeptical) , it's always just been style and comfort (which is why most of my golf shoes are BOA)
  2. Lewis Vonore TN Callaway Epic Flash 9 95-100 but fading I am 71 years old TSi2 I need that distance I am losing
  3. Lewis Butt, Vonore Tn I usually use the line that is already on my Snell MTB-X, for other ball yes with the little line tool little plastic piece that goes over the ball Snell MTB-X Red with my nickname LewDew on it Yes, I am on unlimited at my club and play six days a week (weather permitting) year around
  4. First Name/State or Country of residence Lewis Tennessee Handicap 7.0 Current irons in Play Taylormade M2 The carry distance of the your 7 iron 140 yards
  5. 1. Your first name and home state or province. -US and Canada eligible Lewis Tennessee 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed 11 right around 200mph 3. Your current driver Epic (switched year ago from Taylormade M1) 4. List whether you would like to review the Epic Flash or Epic Flash Sub Zero Flash Sub Zero I play 6 days a week, weather permitting.
  6. Lewis in east Tennessee play 6 days a week with taylormade m2 irons with stiff graphite shafts. Used to be 5 to 8 but back problems have me up to an 11 handicap. Would prefer the C300s
  7. Your first name and your home state/province Lewis, Tennessee Your current driver/shaft combination Callaway GBB Epic adila stiff graphite 48 inch shaft, have modified the weights, changed to a heavier weight in the front Your driver swing speed/carry distance 95-105, 280 to 320 Your current handicap 10.3 high due to recent back issues, but heading back to the usual 5-8 range. Play six days a week thanks
  8. Your first name and home state/province/country Lewis Tennessee ​2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed Recently ballooned up to 11 from 6-8 range due to back troubles which seem to have subsided just in time for our club championship swing speed 98-100 3. Your current driver Callaway GBB Epic, switched two weeks ago from Taylor Made M1 48 inch stiff shaft in both 4. The PING G400 model you'd like to review ultra-forgiving and Tour-proven G400 Max Retired, play six days a week
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