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  1. Never heard of it, but would love to see MGS test it.....sounds interesting.
  2. obiwan45

    LEFT DOT!!

    If I can find some I am going to order them!
  3. I always add alignment marks and find they help me hit the ball on the line I intended.
  4. Vice Tour is my choice for non urethane balls. Good distance with just enough spin around the greens.
  5. I never paid much attention to the top line of my clubs until all the low handicapper reviewers started mentioning it. Now I do find small club faces intimidating....the larger the face the better I like it!
  6. Did this to my 4 iron and still couldn't hit it worth a damn. I am going to stick with my hybrids.
  7. 1. Jerry, Texas, USA 2. 21 HDCP, 80 MPH Swing Speed 3. Callaway Epic 4. G400 MAX, 1.5 deg, Alta CB55, 45.75"
  8. Hi all...I just joined today but have been reading reviews and articles for a long time. I am a retired old guy that plays at least once a week. 21 handicap with a mixed bag of clubs. Jerry
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