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  1. Last Update;  first I would like to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  Second I have started taking a new medicine just off of trials.  Less than 200,000 take it around the world. I have gone from a platelet level of one (almost bleed out) to 120 which is normal.  The specialist know what happened but do not know why.  Will have to get blood test every week and can't play golf for awhile until they are sure the range will stay in the normal range but they are very encouraged.  Golf news: Golf pride has reached out and asked me to help evaluate the new tape less accelerate grips. Some of you may have gotten notices too.  May change the way we replace grips.  I will give feedback to everyone when I start the process.  Looks promising. They supplied me with three grips.  I will put on driver, 3iron hybred and one of my wedges.  I will be straightforward and honest.  I do my own and I hope there as good as stated.  Hope to get started soon.  Take Care and Stay Safe.   

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