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  1. Darrell The Villages FL. I use the Odyssey Works Versa 7H I would be honored to test the Impact 3
  2. Hope you enjoy being a part of the group.
  3. Welcome to the group. Glad you took it back up. Welcome
  4. The first one took about 5 to 6 minutes after that they were less than 5. In addition, when you need to replace you do not have to remove old tape.
  5. The first one I did took about 5 to 6 minutes after that they were less than 5. In addition, when you need to replace them you do not have to remove any old tape.
  6. My understanding of the rules indicates yes to both questions.
  7. Was asked by Golf Pride to install, test and provide feedback for the new innovative Concept Helix grips. The first thing I noticed was the weight. They are slightly heavier than traditional grips. Other than that they feel pretty much the same. The installation procedure is what sets these grips apart from any other. There is no need for tape or accelerate to install the grip. A plastic tool is used to install the grip. The tool is placed into the open end of the grip which is placed onto the shaft. You then slide the grip down the shaft until the butt end of the shaft makes contact w
  8. Last Update;  first I would like to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  Second I have started taking a new medicine just off of trials.  Less than 200,000 take it around the world. I have gone from a platelet level of one (almost bleed out) to 120 which is normal.  The specialist know what happened but do not know why.  Will have to get blood test every week and can't play golf for awhile until they are sure the range will stay in the normal range but they are very encouraged.  Golf news: Golf pride has reached out and asked me to help evaluate the new tape less accelerate grips. Some of you may have gotten notices too.  May change the way we replace grips.  I will give feedback to everyone when I start the process.  Looks promising. They supplied me with three grips.  I will put on driver, 3iron hybred and one of my wedges.  I will be straightforward and honest.  I do my own and I hope there as good as stated.  Hope to get started soon.  Take Care and Stay Safe.   

  9. Thanks to all of you out there. Just want to play some golf. New medicine I hope will make it happen.
  10. Thanks. I will be so glad when this get resolved. Can't wait to get out on course again. Take Care.
  11. For all My Golf Spy friends, Got a 4th platelet transfusion toady after levels dropped back to one. The Hematologist has put me on a medicine less than 200,000 patients use. They said the results are remarkable. Hopefully my levels will go back to near or above normal. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Everyone Take Care.
  12. Had my fourth platelet transfusion today after platelets dropped back to one. Good news is they have a medicine that I will start taking that has remarkable results. Thanks for the prayers. Darrell
  13. Just a note; Having some platelet blood issues and will not be able to communicate with everyone as often. Am doing fine but have to be extremely careful of getting cut or falling. Lots of blood work and even had vials go out to labs around the country to come up with proper medicine. I actually feel good, but resting a lot. Looks like golf is out till next year. Everyone Stay Safe and Take Care.
  14. Darrell The Villages FL. Callaway Hex Tour Soft and Precept Laddie Found that the Top Flight is a very hard ball. Can not work the ball very much. Has no backspin. Sounds like you are hitting a rock.
  15. Darrell Wesner The Villages FL. Footjoy Comfort of the shoe is the first concern.
  16. Welcome to the group. Hope you enjoy the information and being able to play with some of them.
  17. I have tried graphite which were lighter than steel shafts and I did not like them. Currently I have True Temper Elevate 95 Regular flex shafts. Think I would like to see the reviews before I change out my current shafts or get a new set that has the option to get them. Whoever gets selected I hope they see a performance improvement.
  18. Congratulations to those of you selected to test the Titleist drivers. Looking forward to your reviews.
  19. Darrell - The Villages FL. Right Handed 16 Hybred - VKTR+18* - Recoil 75 F3 Regular First choice 3Wood - 14* MRC CK Blue 70 gram Regular Second choice Currently using a Callaway 3h FT Thanks for giving me a chance to be a tester.
  20. Darrell The Villages FL. Callaway X-Hot Handicap 16 approx. 90 mph I would be honored to test the a TSi3 driver
  21. Darrell / The Villages FL. 15.8 Cleveland CG14 Zip grooves Really like the look and color. Would like to compare my old club to the new club and tech improvements.
  22. I have not been selected for the past 20 plus years. I am 73 years old. If I don't selected soon I never will. LOL
  23. I did not get selected for Masters tickets. Have been trying for years. Wonder if it is truly random or do they set aside tickets for friends and special people.
  24. DARRELL The Villages Florida Odyssey Works 7H Think I would like to try the Heppler Tyne 3. I tend to leave putts short. I think it may be too soft a insert. Would like to try a putter with a firmer face. I like a mallet putter I seem to line it up better.
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