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  1. I tend to use one ball for two rounds. Sometimes less when I lose it. The one's I use for two rounds I give it to my wife for her to use.
  2. I was contacted and I did the same as you. I passed on the deal.
  3. I have not tried the Trust line of balls. After reading the comments will have to give them a shot and see how they perform.
  4. It does depend on temp. but I like to wear flannel lined pants. I also use a half sleeve thermal undershirt with a long sleeve shirt over it. I will use a pair of Footjoy winter gloves. When it is really cold I will use a light jacket and a thermal snow cap.
  5. What changes do you think the PGA tour should make to keep top tier golfers from defecting to the LIV Tour? I do believe that the PGA Tour need to make some concessions to help the players, but appearance/signing fees are not one of them as top tier players may only need to show up. The following are only my suggestions and others may have better ones 1. Increase the purses, which will allow for more places to be payed, and more for each player. 2. Reduce number of tournament players from the typical 144 more or less to 120, giving more players a chance to win prize money to offset the money payed for entry fees, travel to and from sites, food, lodging, caddies and other related cost. 3. Expand cut lines from approx. 70 and ties to 80 and ties to allow for more players to recover expenses. When they miss the cut the expenses they incur are not reimbursed. Some have huge sponsors, but most players have limited sponsorships. If the PGA does not make some changes, I believe there will be a domino effect. If the top tier golfers are not present at PGA tournament sites, I believe the TV coverage/revenue will eventually be reduced. Spectator admissions, merchandise and food sales will be less. With no big names volunteer support will be slightly less. City/town revenue will be reduced as result of less spending by spectators, players and others that support tour events. Charities will receive less donations. If that keeps up the LIV may become the dominate tour and the PGA tour will fade. Let's see how the others out there think how this should be resolved after a round of golf with your buddies.
  6. If I was playing the hole at 400 yds, I would hit driver off the tee and aim slightly left of center to keep the bunkers on the right side of fairway out of play. I hit the driver about 315 - 220 yds so it appears I would still have about 180 yds to the green. I would use my 3-iron hybrid that I hit about 200yds and aim slightly right of center to the middle of green and hope I hit it well enough to hit the green. Hopefully I will two putt or chip and one putt and make par.
  7. If you find a no 3 putt putter let me know as well as everyone else. Loved the TPC. Played it once. Even hit island green with first shot. Was hole captain on hole #2 and was lucky enough to have hole selection as Best Marshalled hole one year.
  8. If you find the putter let me and everyone else know. LOL Loved the TPC. Was hole marshal on hole #2. Lucky enough to have hole selected as Best Marshalled one year.
  9. Would you happen to live in The Villages. We lived there for six years but within the last two months have moved back to Va.
  10. Just moved back to Virginia from The Villages Florida. My home course is now Cypress Creek in Smithfield Virginia. A beautiful 18 hole par 72 course.
  11. This is an impressive group of courses. Hope you played them well.
  12. I will play my wedges until the grooves show wear before I start looking for a new one. I have used Callaway wedges and will continue to do so. They have been a excellent choice.
  13. I have a 17.4 index and I use a 60 degree wedge. I grew up on hard flat courses and I use a sweeping swing path. I use it for short-sided shots as I do not spin the ball as much as most golfers especially over bunkers or lakes when the pin is tucked behind them. May not be the best shot for must but works for me.
  14. Thanks for letting me know about the ball. Will have to check it out. Thanks
  15. I have a 54-degree wedge use most of the time a sand wedge and the 60-degree wedge all with steel shafts. I use the 60- degree loft for short sided lies or higher rough. I have used other brands but this one performs the best to date. Maybe you can try a steel shaft. See if you like. Good luck.
  16. Got a new Callaway 60/10S degree Jaws wedge. Never has much spin on my other 60 degree wedge but the Jaws wedge has a lot. Can hit closer to the pin and have it stop with one or two short hops. Great on short-sided shots. For me this is quite an improvement. How do those that have one like theirs?
  17. Ball I use for a price under $40.00 is the Titleist Tour Soft. Not quite as good as some of the other Titleist but well worth the price.
  18. I like a bag that has 14 slots. I can place my clubs in the right order helping to reduce the selecting of a wrong club that may happen if you have less than 14. The disadvantage of having 14 slots some golfers use oversize grips which may make it difficult to get clubs out. My guess is, that tour bags have less than 14 slots as the caddy will make sure the correct club is pulled from the bag.
  19. I would use driver and aim along left rough line. Hopefully I have a shot of 160 to the green where I would aim to middle of green and have a decent putt at the cup.
  20. Who had least amount of strokes before they lost one?
  21. I play all three. Living in The Villages FL. we have 13 Regulation (18 or 27 hole) courses and 42 executive (9 hole) courses. We still like to go to courses outside of the Villages too. Some are semi-private or public.
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