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  1. 0psi

    Rouge LD heads

    I know it's a very niche market but I'm hoping someone here has some inside gossip. I've heard rumors of a low loft long drive Rogue head coming but no one (including one shop that has them available for pre-order) seems to know what they are actually going to be. I've heard that they are just going to be the old XR16 head re-branded, that they are going to be the new XR Speed and that they might in fact be an actual 5 degree Rogue head. Anyone know for sure? Cheers.
  2. Craig New South Wales, Australia No official handicap, still handing in cards after a 15 year break from playing. Expecting my handicap to be about 20ish once I have all my cards in. Was playing off 2 before a lengthy break. Swing speed about 120-122. Usually a Srixon Z765 but occasionally the old Callaway Razr Hawk. Both 10.5 degrees. I'd like to test the G400 LST as I struggle with keeping spin down and prefer a slightly smaller head but below is the recommendation from Ping online fitting G400 Max 9.0 degree Alta CB55 x-Stiff 45.75" Tour Velvet 360 White Model White
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