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  1. One word, Quintic. Until MGS uses this system to really evaluate putters, it's a guessing game at best. Find yourself a Quintic system and go roll every putter you can find.
  2. How do I say after every shot? If you're hitting a ball with a dirty club you're shortening the life, and hindering the playability, of your club. You don't need soap and water to clean your clubs, unless you got oil on them. You also need to towel dry your clubs. DO NOT LET THE FACE AIR DRY!! That will destroy the grooves.
  3. When the ball flies too far, too high, or won't spin correctly, it's time for new wedges. Also, be sure to clean your clubs between strikes. If you don't, the mud and grit will act like sandpaper on the grooves when you strike the ball again. Also, don't allow your wedges to air dry after cleaning them. The evaporating water will dull the grooves leading edge and you'll lose a little grip every time you do this. Your disposable razor is the same way.
  4. Driver: 9° Callaway Epic Speed triple diamond X Flex PING tour shaft (yes you read that right) 3 woood: Titleist ts2 15° black hazard x flex HYBRIDS: 19° TS2 black hazard x flex, 22° ping i15 ping stock x flex Irons: Ping s56 ture temper x 120 Wedges: Mizuno 54°, 58° T20 Putter: Evnroll ER2 Ball: Taylormade Tp5x (2021) such a good ball!
  5. I have never liked the Sim 2. The way it sounds, the way it hits, the look from above, it does zero for me. Now the Callaway Mavrik Triple Diamond, and the new Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond are ridiculously good clubs. Not for everyone, but they just check all the boxes. I was a huge fan of the PING 410 LST too. (The new one 425 has a hiss when you swing it back, not a fan).
  6. 1. Andrew Illinois ​2. I am a 2 with 111-113 mph swing speed 3. Ping G 30 LS 4. The PING G400 LST
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