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  1. I searched most of those images, and none are really suitable because I need them in a really wide aspect ratio. The room is 2,60 (8.5ft) by 11,30m (37ft) Most panoramas online are neither highres nor in a scalable aspect ratio. If I could get someone to take a lot of individual high res pictures by phone or DSLR with at least ~50% overlap I could create a killer composite in photoshop which I could even straighten properly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZFfJgRVqrE
  2. Hey fellow spies I need your help! Long story short I want to cover the entire wall with a high res swing sequence of Henrik Stenson in my man cave. I have the pictures of Stenson and I've cut them out individually however since I line them up, I do not have a continuous background. What I envision is a nice high res panoramic photo of either a driving range or a golf course with a cropped grass foreground and a really nice looking background. Similar to this but wider and maybe sunnier: Anybody willing to take a panoramic photo of their nice driving range? Most Android and Apple devices nowadays do a decent enough job at this.
  3. 1. David, Germany 2. Hcp 10, Swing Speed 111mp/h 3. Current Driver Ping Anser 8.5° 4. Driver to test: Model G400, Loft 9.0°, Hosel Position – –, Shaft Alta CB55, Flex Stiff, Length 45.75", Grip 360 Tour Velvet, Grip Color Code Orange I have a Trackman 4 at home.
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