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  1. Your first name - Seth Your home state/province/country - IL Your handicap - 9 Your current irons set/shaft - Wilson Ci11 KBS Tour Stiff Your PING choice - i210
  2. Just a quick update here: I've got around 20 rounds under my belt with this driver. Still really digging it. I love the consistency I'm getting out of it. It is very forgiving. This was probably the biggest change from my old Adams driver. Unless I hit on the extreme toe or heel. I lose virtually no distance. I believe it's little bit draw biased. Not overly so but it's there. I have settled on the neutral hosel setting. The Rogue Ma-x shaft is a great match for my long smooth swing. I can overpower it a bit if I get after one but as long as I focus on not overswinging, I'm getting great performance. Based on the performance, I'm now considering an EX10 3 wood.
  3. 1. Dustin Johnson 2. Tony Finau 3. Kevin Kisner 4. Kevin Na 5. Billy Horschel Winning score: -11
  4. Got another round in a couple of additonal thoughts: I didn't hit it quite as well this time but still had some good shots I got the Rebate ($50) ALREADY! The fastest I've ever received one back. Only took 10 days Driver sits pretty square at the N hosel setting. Will play around with it.
  5. Nope. He even commented that the best fit for me was the EX10 and it just so happens it is the cheapest. He was certain the EX10 was the one to get.
  6. As the happy new owner of a Tour Edge Exotics EX10, I'd like to give my initial impressions and then come back with a more complete review as the golf season moves along. There wasn't a ton of reviews out there for this product so hopefully this is helpful to someone else. Background: Me: I've been playing golf for 20 years and most years I'm around a 10 Handicap. Driver swing speed between 105-110 depending on the day. My misses off the tee are either straight block to the right or a hook. I was happy with my previous driver (Adams F11 10* with AXE T6 Stiff) until I met some of my friends at local simulator for a round and some beers. At some point, I grabbed by friends stock stiff G30 and proceeded to consistently gain 15-20 yards compared to my driver. So that day I decided I needed to look for something new. Fitting: I made an appointment at small local golf shop in Peoria, IL. Met an older gentleman that took me back and set me up on their Foresight GC2. I hit 5 balls with my current driver and he came back with a Rogue, G400, and Exotics Ex10. Over the next 45 mins I hit around 100 balls swapping between different clubheads and shafts. The Rogue was the first to go as the stock length was just too long for me to control. We tried every iteration of G400 head, shaft combo they had. The best ping setup was a G400 10.5 with the Tour 65 shaft. However, I just couldn't launch it high enough to maximize distance. Over 10 shots I was averaging a 12.9 Launch Angle with spin coming in the 2400s. I then worked with the Ex10 first starting with the 10* and moving to 12* to get my launch up. I ended up with my best results from a 12* head with the Aldia Rogue Ma-x 65 in Stiff. I was able to get my launch up into 14.5* range with spin in 2300s. Having settled on the Exotics Ex10, I took a 10min break. Then came back and hit 5 balls with my old Adams and the new Tour Edge. The Tour edge was longer( 10-12yards) and straighter. I was sold. Here was the best part. It was far and away the cheapest driver I hit. Currently on sale for $250 with $50 rebate.. Initial impressions after 1 range session and 1 round: Sound is a little louder and more mettalic then I would like but not old school cobra loud. The hosel adjustments available really do translate into changes in ball flight. This thing is forgiving. I missed the sweetspot often during the round with little impact to total distance. So far this driver is the straightest I've ever hit. Maybe it's the honeymoon period but I'm loving the high and long ballflight I'm getting. Shaft feels great. I've got a pretty smooth tempo so I can use just about anything but it's stable without feeling like a board. I really tried to crush one on 18 and it held up just fine. I think this driver is a STEAL at $200 after rebate. IF you are looking for a new club, give this one a shot. It's worth your time.
  7. first name/home state or province - Seth - Illinois current iron set/shaft combo - Wilson Ci9/FST Tour Stiff current handicap - 10 Your review preference - I'd love to try the C300 Forged. I love everything about my Ci9s but they just go too far (tough problem to have right?). I'm betting these would hit the sweet spot between forgiveness and accuracy.
  8. 1. Seth - Illinois ​2. 9 handicap - Driver Swing Speed 109 3. Adams Speedline F12 10* 4. PING G400 LST Thanks Seth
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