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  1. Toro3150

    NS Pro 950 help

    I have several sets of Nippon NS Pro 950 shaft pulls. They are all taper tip, and have all been butt trimmed. Does anyone know of a chart, or list of measurements from the tip of the shaft to the first step/taper so I can determine which shaft is which?
  2. So, I've always heard that your fairway shafts should be heavier than your driver shaft. I'm curious if this is generally a rule or if anyone out there has essentially the same shaft in their 3 wood that they have in their driver. I was recently fitted in the Cobra F9 Driver with the EvenFlow blue 65g 5.5 shaft. I was not fitted for a 3 wood. I love the driver so much, I now want the 3 wood. The EvenFlow Blue 5.5 is available for the Cobra fairways in both 65g and 75g. So is it reasonable to expect I should be in the 75g since I'm in 65g with the driver? Thanks for any insight.
  3. No joke. I went back for my follow-up fitting and didn't see this reply until today. I was originally "quickly" fitted with Hzrdus Smoke 60g 6.0 and I was happy with it. Carry was usually 210-215 and total would end up around 230-235. At the follow-up fitting I ended up with the EvenFlow 65g 5.5 and OMG if I didn't experience it personally I would be skeptical if I were reading someone describing this. My carry went up to 230-235 and the ball really rolls out too so total is now consistently in the 255-265 range. I didn't believe those type of gains were possible. It is a very smooth feeling shaft. During the fitting it felt like I had to adjust my tempo as compared to the Hzrdus Smoke, I even commented to the fitter that it felt like I was swinging slower. To my surprise, he told me my swing speed had actually increased with the EvenFlow. So I'll repeat what so many others have said here, get fitted, and what's a fit for your buddy doesn't mean will be the fit for you.
  4. I've got to finish my fitting with the Cobra rep one day this week. Based on the specs the Atmos is a little heavier and has less torque. I've usually played stiff but with 93-95mph SS, the fitter wanted me to try regular. I just don't like that "whippy" feeling of a regular flex.
  5. Thanks. My 7 iron SS is usually 73-75 mph, so I'm thinking I would be better with the LZ 5.0.
  6. I’ve heard and read so many different explanations about Project X flexes and what they equate to. So, in a Project X LZ steel shaft, is 5.5 regular flex or stiff flex? There is also a 5.0 flex, so I’m not sure if that’s regular. I believe they may have a “in-between” flex, so that might be 5.5? Anyway, maybe someone can enlighten me. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with differences between the Atmos TS Blue vs the Aldila NV 2KXV? I'm kinda on the fence between the two. F9 10.5 with SS of 93mph..., I'm looking at R flex, thanks!
  8. If anyone else has hit or been fitted for Ping's G410's, I'm wondering which shaft you ended up selecting. I like the feel of the AWT 2 stiff, but numbers are slightly better for AWT 2 regular..., but man does that regular feel super whippy. I don't like it at all. Fitter suggested the middle ground might be the DG 105, but that shaft was being used by another fitter. I've got to go back to try it. Has anyone every hit the DG105? Ping's website says it's Mid-High launch shaft at 97g, while True Temper's site says it's Mid-Low and 103g. Not sure of the discrepancy there. Anyway, it's all speculation until I can try it. My 7 iron SS is in the 71-74 mph range. I want a lighter shaft, but regular flex always feels so flimsy to me, so maybe the DG 105 might be the answer? Thanks for any input. Jon
  9. So Ping has lower the MAP of the G400, LST, & SFT to $299. Interestingly, the G400 MAX stays at $399.
  10. Yes. These are taper tip, only trimming from the butt end. And it sounds like, I'll place the shaft, measure, cut to standard length, and then add the grip without worrying about any "additional" grip length. Thanks for the replies.
  11. So, it seems the standard iron shaft lengths (when measured by sole-ing the club and placing the ruler behind the shaft touching the ground) are as follows: PW 35.5" 9 36" 8 36.5" 7 37" 6 37.5" 5 38" 4 38.5" 3 39" So, if this measurement is made with the grips on, before the raw shafts are trimmed, I'm guessing an extra 1/4" needs to be considered for the butt of the grip? For example, let's say before trimming I place the shaft in the PW, sole the club and measure 35.5" and mark the shaft. If I cut there, once the grip is added, won't my measurement now be 35.75"? I just want to get this right the first time. thanks! Jon
  12. I previously posted this on the thread about best and worst advice. In HS I took a lesson for some reason from one of the "volunteer" coaches. The lesson had nothing to do with building upon or correcting things in my swing. It was all about changing my swing entirely to the Jimmy Ballard "connected" method. One lesson totally wrecked everything. It was easily 6 months before I could play again without lapsing back into that garbage. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. 1990 PGA Championship Shoal Creek. I was 14. People were standing along the ropes from the practice green to the range to get autographs. I was collecting them on a Tee Time starting sheet. I had a pen, but didn't need it as most of the players that were signing had their own Sharpie. Everything is going great until Tom Watson walks by. He grabs my starting sheet, but he doesn't have a Sharpie, as I'm fumbling for my pen (maybe 2 or 3 secs tops) he gets upset and starts questioning what I'm even doing there if I don't have a pen. At that point he puts the starting sheet into my chest and kind of pushes me to the side as he walks on to the range. Nick Faldo made up for it all. He actually stopped (the others walked as they signed) and asked how it was going, and wanted to know what to sign. I can't even remember what I was able to say as I handed him the starting sheet. I'll never forget it. And looking back, Faldo was probably #1 in the world then (not sure if those rankings existed then). He had just won back to back Masters and he had won The Open just a few weeks before. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Not necessarily cheating, but in a HS tournament one guy kept trying to get another kid to hole out with the pin still in. To make it worse the kid probably ended up shooting 120 anyway without any help, but the other guy was just downright cruel trying to hang a two stroke penalty on him. Awful. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Worst: When I was a Freshman I took a lesson that was some Jimmy Ballard "connected" nonsense..., it took three months to recover from it. Best: A line my Dad always said, "Wanna see a bad shot? Just look up." Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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