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  1. First name/home state or province: John / Maryland Current rain gear: Proquip stormFORCE PX6 Pro jacket & pants Worst rain you've ever played in: While on a golf trip in Williamsburg, VA played 3 rounds, over 2 days in a torrential downpour at Golden Horseshoe and Ford's Colony (Blackheath). Side note: After using chain store and mega-company rain gear, I purchased the Proquip rain suit as direct result of that trip/experience after reading the 2017 rain gear reviews on this site. It was the most complete and comprehensive review available on the web and
  2. They are actually doing the $300 off right now, I believe. As of Sunday it was on their website... may have to do w/ the Masters
  3. That's definitely a plus of having it right at home. Sure, you're losing some features and speed by using Skytrak over GC2, but the convenience is worth it to me.
  4. Many of the suggestions and comments above are relevant and quality, but I think this one is the key. If you take the time to practice, you're bound to improve (the caveat is smart practice, productive practice... not just pounding balls). Coaching and learning proper technique are super important, but even if you get that help - if you don't practice, it will likely only pay small dividends in the long run. I'm of the same mind here - my goal this year is to practice. I get bored w/ the driving range, so after discussion w/ a teaching pro that I visit from time to time, we determi
  5. Thanks! I've heard of the MISGA, one of the the clubhouse guys I often chat with (Larry) plays a lot of the MISGA tournaments. Will definitely keep an eye on the local thread, thanks!
  6. Thanks! I really like QT, a friend of mine is part of a corporate membership over there which allows me to play it more frequently than if I had to pay full greens fees! They take good care of the place, which is refreshing compared to a lot of courses around my area.
  7. I decided I was going to jump into the simulator market a couple weeks ago and did as much homework as I could prior to making any purchases. Obviously budget is the biggest issue when looking at what to buy as there seem to be more "lower-end" (ex. optishot) and "higher-end" (ex. trackman) devices but not too many in that middle range. From everything I could find, the Skytrak and GC2 systems are basically the closest you're going to get to the Trackman, Flightscope range and stay under 5k (for the launch monitor alone). With more funding, I probably would have picked up a GC2, bu
  8. GolfSpy STUDque, Generally I play most of my rounds at Bay Hills Golf Club in Arnold, MD or at Queenstown Harbor in Queenstown, MD. How about you? I'll check out the thread you linked. Thanks!!
  9. Hello, I'm JSWAT, a new member here - located in Maryland (where Mother Nature puts her weather forecast playlist on shuffle! 70 today, calling for 6" of snow Saturday - second time this has happened in the last 3 weeks) I work as a Gov. PM during the week and my schedule has recently become more flexible so I'm looking to make a larger commitment to my game this year. Playing now in two after-work leagues, plus I shoot for at least one round on the weekend. Also, just bought a SkyTrak and setup a simulator in my garage, completed this week. I've lurked on the mygolfspy forums f
  10. 1) John Maryland, USA 2) Hdcp: 11 Driver Swing Speed: 113mph 3) Titleist 915D2 4) Ping G400 MAX
  11. Welcome to the forums Jswat20 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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