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  1. I didn't get it either until I noticed she was from England. I believe their change was a lot more severe than we in the US had (some of our fellow foreigners could correct me if I am wrong). Now she is just experiencing what we in the US have been dealing with forever. Low handicaps should play gross events only.
  2. Spend the money on a good hitting strip. I recommend fiberbuilt, you will not be upset. I have bought cheap ones decent ones and the fiberbuilt. It is by far the best. The rest of the turf can be whatever you like.
  3. Sounds like it was a good match. Well done to advance that far! What did you learn throughout all the matches? The above is a perfect example of why changing match play strategy can backfire. Opponent hits a shot and it looks like it is in jail, so we change our strategy based on that shot, only to find out opponent is not in jail. Not saying the results would have been any different but overall, unless we know for a fact, changing strategy based on opponent can cause issues.
  4. Decent thread from Lou detailing what might make up the differences.
  5. Is the enclosure mounted to the ground in anyway? Does it slide or reposition at all? Or is there enough give on the screen to prevent that? I understand that you can't swing driver but Kirke is probably strong enough now to give it a good test.
  6. Take a step back, regroup and examine your expectations. You seem to be expecting a lot and when those expectations are not met you get down on yourself. Sometimes we just have to let it happen and if it doesn't as long as we did the best we could, understand that it just wasn't your time. I am not going to pretend to be in your shoes and try to understand the pressures you are under. IMO what makes golf the hardest and the greatest game is the fact that hard work does not always equal results. Yes you can improve, yes your results can get better but there are still times that this game serves humble pie and it could come at any time. I won my first CC in 1998 and didn't win another until 2021. In the 2022 championship I failed to break 80 in 2 of 3 rounds as defending champ. Obvisouly I didn't win but I came back on the 3rd day and shot the low round of the day by 4 shots. I didn't feel any different on any of the rounds, it's just the golf is at times. I have only won at my current club once despite being one of if not the best golfer at my club for over 5 years. It is not easy. I do not expect to win another one, I may, I may not, but I do know that I will give my best on that day and that is good enough for me. I hope you find joy in the game again and competing. Golf is first and foremost supposed to be a fun experience and helpful in removing the daily stressors we all have. If you are not finding this joy, like the above poster said stop doing it. Mental health is extremely important and if golf is contributing in unhealthy ways it is not worth it.
  7. This was my first thought as well. Seems like transition has sped up.
  8. GPS and course measurments are going to differ. Some more than others, especially any dogleg holes. When they measure a course the measure from marker to center of fairway then to green, not in a straight line. If the GPS and laser measurements differ then there is an issue, however I wouldn't worry about overall yardages.
  9. Best course of action is probably to play for 6 (a birdie for you) or a 7. I would say off the tee take something that removes the possiblity of hitting into those 2 bunkers. Next shot just short of the hazard. Depending on the distance that leaves you just ensure you are missing the next set of fairway bunkers. Hard to tell but it looks like anything long and/or right is the best spot to chip from. I know everyone preaches about the easiest way to lower scores is to eliminate doubles, however this hole is just a tough SOB, your goal should be to eliminate big numbers. I am going to guess while it occasionally happens without them, the majority of your big scores on this hole stem from hitting it inot fw bunkers or the hazard.
  10. Count your footsteps, no I am serious. A new trick for me (only 2 weeks in) but it seems to be effective. When I find myself thinking about something I shouldn't, I will just count my steps. Usually in groups of 10 or 15. Takes about 3 groups but is a quick way to get me back to the present.
  11. I know others have commented on that and I will echo the same sentiments. For front pins I 100% of the time and at least 5 yards to the distance, if there is big trouble short it will be more. Even if I hit it the perfect distance I am only 15 feet long. Hitting the green almost no matter where is much better than most chip shots. Middle of the green I pretty much play the yardage. Back pin varies depending on where trouble is located.
  12. You are already ahead of most people in regards to improvement as you have a base of stats collected. What to do with those stats is always the big question. 3 of them stand out to me. I assuming your goal is to be better than a bogey golfer. 3 putt percentage. 17% is around 3 3 putts a round, getting that to under 1 should be attainable. As @GolfSpy TCB said you do need to know what is causing them first. Par 5 scoring. Yes, at your distance it is probably 3 solid shots to get on the green however even if it was 4 and a 2 putt you have shaved over half a stroke a round. And if you get to two par 5's in reg it would be easy to drop that by a full stroke. Driving distance. I understand you have had a list of health issues and they are tough to deal with. When I hurt my back not only was it phyiscally debilitating but it was demoralizing as well. Just putting on shoes was miserable. In order to combat it I had to some strength training in order to just get back to normal. Now, I didn't jump right in to throwing huge weights around (not that I could have even before) but I started with walking. And it was literally down the block. I think the first one i took was about a thrid of a mile, then a half, then a full and then three. Start small and work your way up just be sure to do it consitently.
  13. I get it and was just pointing out that it doesn't work in some situations, for myself it would probably work just fine. Really if looking for the most fair set of tees to play it would be a combo of all the tees on the course. Using the same player as an example he could play a couple of par 4's from the back tees, 2 of the par 3's from the third set, some of the par 4's from the middle set and some of the others from the other set closer to the green. He would play all 4 sets of tees and it would balance it out so that no matter what distance he hit it based on a decent shot you would have a fair chance of a GIR, which in my opinion should really be the standard. Of course no courses are rated like this and most people would never play this way.
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