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  1. The best part of "Tiger Proofing" was he benefitted the most.
  2. I think 1* ~3 yards so will you really be hitting 1 club different? Best guess is probably not. Dynamic loft is vastly more important than static loft. Full disclosure mine are 1* stronger.
  3. Finally jumped into my training yesterday, after an embarrasing display during the club championship. Started with fit for golf off season program and the stack full speed spectrum. Yes I can feel it today. The stack started me with a progress check and one thing was super interesting to me. Without a ball I was 110-111 cruising. With a ball 107-108. Probably normal for most people however in my past Stack sessions I was always the opposite. I did have an epidural for my bulging disc's about a month ago and for the first time in over 4 years I can actually move!! Truly believe 115 will be easy and may make a push towards 120.
  4. It's the same thing that happened in 1997-1998. We have 2 choices we can post on a forum complaining about them or we can help them just like I am sure we were all helped when we started. My club, which is private, has implemented a new "onboarding" policy for new and existing members. You wouldn't think it would be necessary at a private club however it is.
  5. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!!!
  6. Talk to the PRO he/she will find someone to sponsor you. Shouldn't be much of an issue. Wasn't often but did happen when I worked at a private club.
  7. I don't hit fairways now so at least all be farther in the rough.
  8. I'll throw my hat in the ring. Won't get started until around Thanksgiving time as club championship is next month. Starting a lil slower than I was earlier in the year. Baseline last night was 107.
  9. I will leave the swing advice to someone else, I have some ideas however looking at your stats it seems that there is a big glaring issue that could shave a almost a stroke off your handicap. Having your par 5 scoring be the highest over par is a killer. Not sure if you play real difficult par 5's however you have a good short game so it doesn't appear to be that, is it strategy? Is it pressing too hard? Lowering that number to around 5 or just over would be a goal of mine.
  10. Sweet project. Skytrack is probably perfect for how you are going to use it. Price is always a factor but my Launch Pro (GC3) is lightyears better than my skytrak was.
  11. 1985 S-10 blazer bought for $5500 in 1993 It eventually died and I bought a Mazda MX-3 and it died, then the fun began. Acually owned 2 WS-6's Most fun car I have ever owned.
  12. The flat setting is what started me down this path, game changer on hybrids IMO. Never been able to do anything but hook them, I can fade the G425 if I need to. And the price just dropped....
  13. I bought a used G425 3H to try to dial in a club from 230ish. It had just a stock shaft in it and I hit it well, liked the way it set up and while it does at time fly farther than I wanted (I know tough problem to have) I thought it was overall something that I could play long term, however I wasn't getting the height I wanted out of it. So I purchased a Raijin hybrid shaft to go in it and BINGO we have a perfect match. Last round with it I hit 2 par 5's in two. 1 from 234 and the other from 221. Exactly what I was looking for, so exact in fact that today a 4H was delievered.
  14. Somwhere around 65-67. Shot 2 67's last year, one where I made everything and the other where I hit every iron close. Combine the two and it could be better but I would probably freak out. What has been working for me latley is scoring close to the same no matter what game I bring. My last 10 rounds at my club have all been between 71-74. Consistent scoring is a huge confidence booster.
  15. If these changes were done prior to LIV starting very few if any of the players would be with LIV. And LIV would not exist without them.
  16. The legacy BS that we have heard for the last year was just that, BS!
  17. Similar situation I see every time I play at my club. Par 5 with large fairway bunker on the left, that starts at about 110 and finishes at about 65 yards out. The amount of people I see lay up at 90-100 yards is baffling. Take trouble out of play, either hit it past it or hit it short of it. It doesn't matter what yardage it leaves you, overall the scoring average will be better.
  18. The PGA Tour continues to believe they are the end all be all of golf. They have failed in the past and continue to fail to realize they are an entertainment arm and nothing more.
  19. No doubt we all have a lot to change, I just hope that he is allowing you a timeframe to implement changes before adding more.
  20. IMO if he is telling you that much information he needs to look in the mirror as much as the student. I don't doubt that small changes can be applied and be a success but if 90% of the info he is presenting is forgotten then he is wasting both peoples time or giving so much info that nobody would be able to change anything. As far as my goal it was always to get the student to understand and implement 1 thing. There were times that they were capable of more than that however most of the time with the golf swing you need to see how 1 change affects the rest of the move before you can move on.
  21. Championship flight is from back tees played at scratch and rotates every year from match to stroke play. If we get more than 16 in match play years there is a qualifying round to set seeds. All other flights are based on handicaps but each flight plays the same tees. Really interesting that yours has different tees within the same flight. Not sure I have ever seen that before.
  22. No true GPS like we would consider with a garmin or arccos. He refer to GPS entry as the ability to pick the gps points and enter from the exact locations. I don't enter using the app during the round it was not efficient enough IMO. I created an excel with the data points that were required and used that. Here is screenshot of "GPS" entry. Once you enter this data you are able to pinpoint where you were on the course for each shot. No it won't help with targets on green.
  23. I am an elite member. I don't think you are missing out on anything but I am not sure as I was member before he introduced foundations. My understanding is once you are through the 6 months of foundations you have full access to everything. If you would like to speed up the process it could be worth it. The elite does have the driving target tool.
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