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  1. I have played for 25+ years and can count on one hand the amount of people that would take 3 hours to play 9 holes. I have played many long rounds but that was due to the course being packed and not having a proper marshal. I was playing last year at my club as a single. Single playing behind me and I could tell that he was in a hurry. I am standing on the 6th hole, waiting for the single in front of me, and single behind me picks his ball up from 5 fairway, and drives to the 6th tee. I asked if he would like to join me, he said no I want to play through. I looked at him funny and said no
  2. I have a putt out mat that is just collecting dust as well. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. I would say by definition that MGS tests following the scientific method to a T. Question: Best Players Iron Test: 20+ normal golfers swinging clubs using measurable data points. Analyze: Compare all data and see which performed best. Communicate the results:
  4. Look at Aukey. Have had good results from them.
  5. That I don't deny, just a PSA to not place emphasis or decision on an improved smash.
  6. Careful with smash factor. Obviously you saw improvement so the point is moot, but OEM's are tricking LM's with shapes and colors to increase smash. Ping doesn't even display it anymore.
  7. Very nice Cody. Glad to see the distance improvements right out of the gate. That’s huge!
  8. Did everyone else miss the joke in here?
  9. I haven't read this thread so excuse me if it has been talked about already. I have a 2018 Rav 4 hybrid. 29 MPG, actual (I track everything) family of 4 fits perfect. 2 buddies on golf trip it's ideal. I bought a cargo carrier for the top rack and if the 4 of us want to go on vacation we can get everything in it. Only complaints about it is that the inside is very bland.
  10. Completely agree. JT's lead foot and ground pressure is extraordinary. If you watch JT on a pressure plate his left foot almost completely disappears. They are both trying to accomplish the same thing, JT just needs more force to do it than Bryson.
  11. Friday 72 6/14 FIR 13/18 GIR 29 Putts Hit it great, super easy 72 without ever making a putt. Longest made putt of the day was 5 feet. Saturday 78 2/14 FIR 6/18 GIR 27 putts Had no idea where the ball was going all day long. Just a complete ball striking nightmare. Driver especially. I had 4 recovery shots on back 9 alone. Sunday 70 (par 73) 9/14 FIR 13/18 GIR 28 Putts Started on range warming up and still no idea where the ball was going. Wimpy push cut on first hole, still in fairway, with 166 left, hit 8
  12. If you are looking for an actual lesson I don't think my answer would change. If it was an hour with Tiger or Rory or any big name guys then that would be a different story.
  13. Coach. Way too many players have no idea what they do that makes them successful. Just listen to how they announce the game.
  14. Not sure how you play that course often, I am not a fan. When I started working in the golf business I started at Phoenix Lake in Sonora. Don't think it is there anymore though.
  15. Harry mentioned that in the app they have videos of some Pro's to compare data. I would think that getting into the specific ranges would be the goal. Something like Golftech does with their body movements. Pro's on average are this % open at impact. I haven't listened to this but Cordy is pretty good at getting info so may be worth a listen. https://golfsciencelab.com/pressure-mats-force-plates-popular/
  16. https://www.prestonsputting.com/the-putting-experience https://www.titleist.com/fitting/golf-club-fitting/titleist-performance-institute Bonus season! Company had it's best year ever and with that my wallet grows. So I am going to go big! Full TPI golf evaluation and a half day putting experience. Should be super informative. Not until December but will do a write up when complete.
  17. Only used it a couple of times so far, but it is pretty good. Laser stays very visible, even in well lit areas. The tripod works well as it keeps it above the putter head so you are able to have it behind you. One thing that it does that I am having trouble incorporating is that when you remove it from tripod you can set it against putter face to check alignment. My issue is that it is hard to set putter head, keep it there and then move laser to face
  18. If I don't look at the face I love it. I love the look of driver. 3W sits super closed to me (I even have it set open), it is not but just a visual. Almost like the curvature is not uniform, which I have no idea if it is or not.
  19. Visually? Or it was going different directions? When I got mine it looks funky on the ground, in fact each time I hit it when I look down I have to tell myself to trust it. Very consistent though.
  20. My guess is that they have weight plugs in the head. You can remove them when removing the shaft.
  21. Actually I am beginning to think I can't read. (not the case but it feels like it) I am left eye dominate so in order for me to have putter line and start line look anywhere near normal I play the ball forward in my stance. I think that it may not be consistent or gets too far forward. I do miss a lot of left to right putts left. I was always an aggressive putter, 3-4 feet by didn't scare me at all, made way more putts that way and then I went through a bout of missing the short ones and without my knowledge adjusted my speed to not be so far by the hole. I think the crux of it is this. I
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