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  1. WOW! thank for the chance at this! And since my wife has been bitten by the golf bug, am sure she will also roll it,,,,
  2. This relayed by a fellow USAF air traffic controller: ”We were playing on this course, very expensive homes, we came up on this short par 4, we saw a lady sunbathing in a backyard, next to a pool. We noticed she has her top untied so our first player decided to open the club face and hit a hosel rocket towards the home. The ball hit the steel fencing with a loud crack. The lady without even clinching lifted her arm and proceeded to flip him off. We skipped the hole since we could not stop laughing enough at the clown to hit our tee shots”
  3. Advise given to me when I started playing in 1981, buy the best you can afford in my opinion, anything PING G series is very forgiving,
  4. SIMPLICITY Some of the best sites I have seen are very simple, an ICON for RATES, you clink on it and it has all the rates to include range fees, on this same page an icon or link to make a tee time. They also have icons/links to score card, bar/lunch room hours, menu, area information and other information and finally directions for those from or coming from out of town
  5. I noticed more and more that the only way for me to use my lob wedge was on full shots, for some reason anything less or even on chip shots, I was inconsistent, my all round wedge now is my gap wedge. Took lob out and added a 3 Hybrid
  6. Back in the late 80's, I had a part time job at The Arizona Golf Resort in Mesa Arizona. In one of our outings, the head cook was playing with us, rather large man, MEAN looking but a terrific guy. After shanking his drive, he slammed his driver in the ground, head busted off at the hosel, the head flew straight up, hit him in between the eyes, it made a small cut in between his eyes. He wiped a small blood drop with his un-gloved hand , licked it off, looked at us and with a smile said " You F'rs can laugh now",,, Almost 10 minutes before next in group stopped long enough to be able to hit his drive.
  7. I tried all the settings on the Titleist D2 913 with a diamana blue shaft and it did not make any difference My Callaway with a white tie XR-16 showed a difference in height ( am a low ball hitter) which I really liked and distance to boot My Cobra F-8 also no difference moving the settings , until I moved the weights, I placed the heavier weight in the heel and wow! 10 yards longer, but, was it the settings, the weight or the MRC Tensi CK blue shaft ?
  8. Noel Trujillo Byron Morgan Experimental Piper-C , always like center shafted putters, but not the head shape was never an attraction
  9. NOPE While stationed at Holloman AFB New Mexico, the group I played with would TRY to get under you skin, we did have ONE rule, the talking would stop as you started your swing, not a second before. Some of the one’s I heard before starting my backswing: Hey, your wife told me your almost out of milk and jelly Sorry about not making the bed or changing the sheets Are you having a seizure? Of course actual and fake flatulence How can you hit it on the fairway lined up OB? Cute butt
  10. I’ve worn mine about a dozen times each since I bought them, and they still look good. I’ve tried their thermal under ware and it’s good stuff
  11. My OCD kicked in, Are the 300 yards down the middle every time? Then I’ll take it If not , then I’ll take the no 3 putts
  12. CS is right there with measuring the "feel" of a club or ball. Another factor which affects the type of CS you receive is the way you speak with CS rep. I have seen people talk to CS at stores acting like they owned the store. Act like an A-hole, get treated like a A-hole. And yes, I have been an a-hole to CS reps on several occasions, sometimes their fault, others,,, mine.
  13. You have to admit, this is great marketing by FILA . Thought I saw people making their own version of this for a couple of years now? IMHO, it looks, cheap,,,,,
  14. MadMex

    PING G425

    **********WARNING !!!!! WARNING ********** I own the PING G-700's, the sound is a bit annoying if you don't hit the sweet spot. So I decided to experiment with urethane foam insulation spray. I removed the screw (with my driver tool) I stuck the nozzle in (fit perfect!) Squeezed the nozzle for about a 1 to 1-1/2 seconds Removed the nozzle only to see/feel the foam come back at me and all over my tool chest, golf bag, shoes and shirt, good thing I was wearing my glasses. I did try about a 1 foot long string of yarn and it seemed to muffle the sound a bit without any swing feel change.
  15. MadMex

    PING G425

    Perfect, our anniversary is January 29th,,,, What better anniversary present,,,,,,,,,,, I can't think of one,,,
  16. MadMex

    PING G425

    I want them! Wonder if they are 2021 release? Maybe I cant talk the wife into BOTH of us getting a set? Wonder if she will fall for my scam?
  17. You'll love them, I bought a grey and a black one at COSTCO, after one use, I went back and bought another two, wish they had more colors. Their thermal underwear is also very nice, used it under jeans with the weather in the high 20's- low 30's (that's extreme for me, I live in So Ca!)
  18. Yes - No Am sure more experienced Cameron connoisseurs will chime in, in my experience, if the are they are they are not off by much, I think for the OTR's to be dead on would be an extreme quality control undertaking. My TEi3 is dead on, my centershafted prototype seems or "feels" to be off by about 1/4 inch or less, towards the toe, my brother-in-law think am on dope and says they are both dead on. Make sense?
  19. Close to what I am talking about,,, but I want to know about the 20 year difference is that they have same shaft and length,,,, and for the ULTIMATE, is used a iron Byron golf robot,,,,2011-2017 same shaft and length
  20. MadMex

    Balls ? Which one ?

    Am 58, my 7 iron carry is 160 according to several "lasered" shots and tracker shots,,, drive about 250, so you and I are close For me, the Kirkland 3 piece urethane has worked wonders! It's a hop and stop for me and the feeling rivals the Prov-V1, at about $1 a ball, it has also speed up my game since if I don't find it right away, no biggie, drop another and play on.
  21. Wow, that was quick !
  22. I actually bough the warrior pitching wedge, it was , well, how can I say this and be kind,,,,, incredibly awful in just about every way you can judge a club,,, kept getting junk mail and telemarketing calls from them up to the time I moved.
  23. Your all wrong, this is the greatest round of golf ever played,, 38 under par by the great leader,,, ,,,, https://golf.com/news/behind-kim-jong-ils-famous-round-of-golf/ https://www.thestar.com/sports/golf/2011/12/19/kim_jongil_once_carded_38under_par_at_pyongyang_golf_course.html
  24. I did not get a warning, my anti-Tiger post was removed.
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