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  1. I would rather spend time perfecting the approach, then you would likely eliminate the feeling of wanting to carry two putters and just work on accuracy with one putter.

  2. I have the F6+ driver in black with white alignment Cobra and the thin white outline around the back of the head and the orange slide adjustment. The 3-4 fairway in gray with all the same in lime green. Finally the 7-8 fairway in blue. All the colors are awesome, but one this really stands out on each club....cobra KING and the cobra alignment.

  3. I have a Leupold GX-2i3. I don't want it for shooting everything in sight every time I swing a club. It is nice when you have an odd location shot, playing somewhere with lousy distance markings, greens circled with sand, or a moat full of swamp monsters and lost balls.

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  4. Cart fees and insurance, that's how our courses around here deal with any cart issues unless there is true negligence like purposely driving into a pond or rolling over cause they really will tip over sideways on a steep slope. If they harass you again, just tell them you will have to get back to them after you get your neck checked for whiplash from their cart slamming you into a tree. I would almost bet they will leave you alone.

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