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  1. Chris - Pennsylvania Tour Edge Exotics E8 - KBS Tour 90 R-Flex 95 Gram 12 Hdcp C300
  2. Thanks everyone for the welcome.
  3. Mostly melted here now. I think a trip to the range this weekend is going to be a good idea.
  4. Got a set for my grandson when he turned 4, he is small for his age. Had the same trouble with swinging the club. I took an old shaft and cut it down and made a fitting for the end that I could add weight to gradually until he got strong enough to swing the fairway wood. I put a tee in the ground so it barely stuck and had him swing to hit the tee. Make a game of it to keep them interested and the swing strength will come quickly.
  5. They do make some awesome videos. I've been watching them for about a week.
  6. Yes it was. If you really want to see brutal, google Erie, PA Christmas snowfall. 6ft. in 3 days.
  7. Erie, PA won't beat Buffalo's all time snowfall record, but Tuesday was nasty. Got to play 9 after work on the 12th. Warming up next week, time to leave the clubs in the trunk.
  8. CBX 50 and 54 and Smart Sole 3 58.
  9. I am going to say not just one club, but the set I got when I was 12yo and I still have and still take the iron out occasionally. They are Titleist Lite 100s, I won't hit the woods cause they are still descent and I am afraid what I would do to them now.
  10. Chris, PA Cobra King F6+ 9.5D, Stock R Shaft Swing Speed 105, Carry 260 Hdcp 12 I borrowed a friends Cleveland Driver before I got my F6+, I would like the opportunity to test a 9 deg. stiff shaft Launcher.
  11. I bought the F6+ last year and it made a big difference in my drives. Straighter, longer carry and roll out and I am able to shape drives easier than with my last driver.
  12. Excellent idea, I'm pinned!
  13. Chris - Pennsylvania Cobra King F6+ w/stock Adila Rogue R shaft Swing speed - 105 Carry - 260 Hdcp - 12
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