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  1. bit late to the party but if you look at certain players on both the senior and regular tours you'll notice not all of them have the latest gear, Bernhardt Langer is a great example and until just recently I think Brandt Snedeker was using the older Taylormade burned driver.


    Having said that don't think I mean don't upgrade I'm just saying if the current setup setup is working then choose wisely.


    To answer your question I can't say I agree with a new driver equaling straighter ball flight but your instructor may have been insinuating you will see a more immediate gain in upgrading the driver (WITH A FITTING!) and some work on your swing than you would in purchasing some new irons right now which I could understand from experience.



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    Yea he would kill me if I ran out and got a driver without getting fit, I have been hitting it straighter. I just picked it up a few days ago so I only have 2 range sessions worth of practice with it.



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  2. And that makes complete sense. It makes way more sense to follow the guidance from a professional that is teaching you rather than just us dropping opinions in a forum.


    I wanted to share my experiences to help people with what they are looking to do in the future and hope my mistakes can help someone that isn't able to get guidance from a professional.



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    Normally I would fully agree with your recommendation but this guy's teacher said Driver. That trumps our opinions about his game or equipment selection.


    I absolutely think that it's a great move to go back a generation and save some dough.



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    my only concern with used was not really knowing what shaft i needed, i figure i was a standard but ended up i needed a stiff

  3. Will from Michigan

    Recently returning to the game since not playing fir a while so the handicap is up there around 30.

    Currently using an old set of Nike Slingshot OSS irons with the stock true temper shafts. I think it would be great to compare technology over a deacade old with new game improvement irons and the difference they could make in my handicap.

    If chosen I would like the C300 irons

  4. Well went and did a driver fitting, I hit the Ping G400, Callaway Rogue, The M3, and the Cobra F8, got a few different shafts, I hit the Ping and the Cobra instantly better. Still hitting with left to right ball flight but the fitter was able to see that my club path was really good, which I already knew from lessons, so he said it's likely that my hips are faster than my hands, so sometimg to work on during lessons. I ended up with the Cobra as I was able to hit it more consistently straight and it has more adjustability as my swing develops, club head speed averaged 95 so he put me in a stiffer shaft. Here's the real shocking number, best carry distance with my old Nike 175, Cobra F8 217! How's that for technology!

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  5. What you will gain with drivers from the last 5ish years is headsize and forgiveness on mishits. You would also likely see distance gains from a newer driver even if it isn't fit properly.


    You don't have to switch, lots of players score well with old clubs, but they have solid fundamentals. If you were looking for some new clubs, driver is probably the first place to look.

    we will see, heading to get a fit in a couple hours, if we can make some improvement great, if its not worth spending the money on equipment at least i have that piece of mind as well. $50 well spent

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  6. Frankly, I'm a bit dismayed that your instructor is pushing you into getting new clubs, or even a driver.

    Because the reality is that no club is going to make you better or hit it straighter.

    It's not the arrow, it's the indian.

    It's not like technology has changed all that much in the last 10 or 15 years, it's not like your clubs are left-overs from the 1980s - and as others have suggested, it would be foolhardy on your part investing in clubs only to have your swing change and then you find out that the clubs you bought don't suit you any better than your old ones.


    Spend your money this year on lessons and developing a swing, that's repeatable and playable, and then next year invest in new clubs.

    its much less of a push than it is a suggestion that if im going to replace something start with that because its the oldest and the newer designs would yield the most benefit?

  7. I think your answer is here,  talk to your instructor.  A slice isn't the result of a particular driver unless you have a shaft that is really bad for your swing.  A slice is caused by face angle and club path.  Fix that and you can hit most drivers straight.  A newer more forgiving driver will help you not lose distance on mishits.  As others have said, it doesn't have to be a break the bank kind of thing;  you can get some great inexpensive drivers that are a couple of years old.  

    right, but with the adjustability of weight and face angle of new drivers would i benefit?

  8. While new clubs may help, they aren't necessarily going to completely change your game. If you don't end up getting fitted and you are looking to just upgrade your clubs, there are tons of sites out there to buy used clubs from, which I highly recommend. You can maybe do what I did when I first started. I set a goal, I told myself whenever I was able to par every hole (not consecutively), I would buy myself a new set of irons. This drove me to practice more, because I desperately wanted to get rid of those Top Flites. 


    Anyway if you do go the pre-owned route, check out these sites, if you don't already know of them:








    You can usually find some great deals, especially Callaway PreOwned when they have special sales going on. 

    i dont really have intentions of buying a new driver without a fit, my concern was my swing being "good" enough to hit balls consistently for evaluation

  9. You can buy a new to you driver and irons that are a year or two old and get a better bang for your buck.


    You could also go to another fitter and pay for a fitting to see if you are leaving performance on the table with your current clubs. Better to spend 50 or 100 bucks on a fitting than a couple hundred to a thousand dollars on new clubs when you might not see performance games from new clubs.


    A fitting would also give you an idea of what to look for on the used market if you don't want to buy new

    yea i hear ya on a fitting i just dont know that i can hit enough balls straight with a driver to make it worth while lol

  10. Ok, sorry for the long story in advance


    Im recently (like a month ago) back to the game since my teens, i have played a little as an adult but pretty much just to drink beer. So now i want to play and learn a bit more seriously.


    Currently in the bag I have an old Nike Ignite driver, probably over 12 years old, and Nike Slingshot OSS irons, probably 10 years old? So my instructor says to replace the driver first but im at a point where my driver game is struggling and i dont wanna go drop a chunk on money on a club im going to slice anyway. So will a new driver make that much of a difference in hitting the ball straighter? do I spend the money on more modern irons because i hit them better right now? or leave everything alone unltil i can hit everything I have straightish? and go!

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  11. Nice! FYI-Carl's Plymouth finally just replaced their horribly worn out balls this week.


    If you're ever at that location and see a guy w/ a beard and all-white bag say hi (or just shoot me a pm if your ever looking for a playing partner)

    Will do, I'm sure you could use the entertainment of watching me struggle 😂

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  12. Hey all, new member from Michigan. Just recently returning to the game, haven't olayed since my teens, 37 now. Been taking some lessons and spending a lot of time at the range. I'm using equipment that's a good 10 years old so hoping to replace some of that this season. Hoping to find good info here!



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