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    Greenville, SC
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    Other than my wife and kids, I'm addicted to the challenge of improving my golf swing - spending hours on the range looking for that perfect swing that doesn't exist while all the while insuring that i will be thinking too much the next time i play. But I LOVE it!!
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  1. Tom/ South Carolina 12 Handicap Irons: Ping G400 (4-UW) 7 Iron Distance: 165
  2. Was in Myrtle Beach a few weeks back from my golfing trip and brought the Mrs along so she could do a golf school there at the Legends while I played . She really enjoyed it and has alot more desire to play. IF your interested - we can get together and play.
  3. On the verge of becoming an empty nester so my wife is taking up the game again after 25 years . She just did a golf school to kick start the return and wants to get out an play more. Would love to meet up with other couples to play with from time to time. If anyone has a playing spouse in the SC upstate area, would love to meet up and play.
  4. Tom K - South Carolina Scotty Cameron Newport II - 2014 Handicap: 11
  5. Tom Kingsley - Greenville, SC Swing Speed: 100 mph Current Ball: Srixon Z-star Have no experience with the Snell Golf Ball but would love to try it
  6. Tom - South Carolina Handicap - 10.9/ Driver Swing Speed =100 mph Current Ball is taylormade TP5 I have played Srizon - Z star and like it
  7. Tom K South Carolina scotty Cameron Newport 2 putting is a weakness in my game.
  8. Welcome to the forums Tkingsley24 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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