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  2. Congratulations BOS and welcome to the team. Looking forward to 2022!
  3. For my first 'Post Review' input, I had the RMLM out on the range today to investigate whether or not my eyes were lying to me. For a little while now I've thought I might need to adjust my driver setup because it didn't look like I was getting enough of a gap between my driver and 3 wood. I warmed up a little bit with 7 irons, then I hit a handful of 3 woods. Yardage was right where I expected on those. Then I grabbed the driver, and based on what my eyes had been telling me, I wasn't expecting to see much of a difference. But, guess what, according to the MLM, my eyes were wrong, and my carry distance was about 15 yards longer than the 3 wood carries - so about where it should be. So since I was hitting them straight besides, I didn't mess with the settings, even though I still feel like my driver launch/flight is a bit too high. I'll just go ahead and tell myself to shut up about the ball in the fairway This is the kind of utility I think most of us considering a personal launch monitor are thinking about.
  4. Finally got around to posting my final review. It's been fun putting the Rapsodo MLM through the paces so far. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for further upgrades or feature updates as we do our follow ups. Thanks to all who participated, and Happy Holidays! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/profile/78320-gregb135/
  5. Now that Insights is out there, I'm going to put in another session or two this week before crafting my final review. Hopefully the blog posts on the product and Insights won't skew public opinion too much before we get to posting those.
  6. One thing Adam's idea overlooks is the club fitting customer also needs to be willing to wait for delivery of the end product. Of course, one reason the MGS community endorses fittings is because many of us have learned their value through the experience. And, of course, most of us have at least one full set of clubs we can utilize in the intirim while waiting for freshly fit replacements. The new golfer starting out may not want to wait 2 months for their new clubs and will get more initial satisfaction through purchase of a ready-in-the-box or off-the-rack set of clubs.
  7. Adam's big point about making fittings free was about reaching more golfers with the fiiting experience and giving them the chance to become better, sooner, with better equipment. There is a large (to very large) category of golfers out there whom a free fitting might not serve all that well. Nor would a $50 fitting, to use Adam's price point. That category is the flawed swingers. To an extent, until the golfers swing is at least fundamenetally correct (not flawless) the difference in equipment is going to be negligible, no matter what they spend on getting fit for it. Those golfers would get much more return on their first $50 by seeking a lesson rather than a club fitting.
  8. Thanks for joining in with AMA! What is the one aspect in the life of a Tour player that might be a surprise to all of us 'Average Joe' golfers?
  9. Thank you Michael for joining in with AMA! I am a SuperSpeed system owner/user like many of the readers here. Here's one thing I noticed. With the 49 week length of the full program, it was very difficult for me, as a recreational/league competition level golfer, and regular job holder, to work the training consistently into my daily or weekly routines as far as adding the protocol training on top of regular practice and other fitness. Especially once I realized that the overspeed training tended to, at least briefly, affect my swing quality on normal swings, I was also reluctant to keep training during my league season. That resulted in a loss of the SS gains by the end of the season. So my question; is SuperSpeed able to offer a shorter, 'maintenance protocol', that would allow a pause in the progression of the program without having to start over or potentially lose the previous gains?
  10. Discussion Point/Question 3: What about the Coach Connect feature? I'll be honest, once I got a look at what the Coach Connect feature really is, I was able to tell it wasn't really going to be all that right for me to use. Coach Connect is access to a group of coaches offering remote lessons through the Rapsodo online platform. First thing you have to do is buy into the $99/year subscription to unlock access to CC. Then you can scroll through the list of coaches, find one you MIGHT like, and start paying for remote lessons or swing assessments. The price of that, of course, varies based on the quality and/or notoriety of the coach. That said, just about all the available coaches have posted stock practice drill videos that tackle a lot of the more common swing faults. So if you know what you need, you can sort through all of the coaches and videos and there you go. Once you've decided on a coach to give your money to, you are left at the mercy of your ability to record at least one video of your swing (usually two - face on, down the line) and send it digitally to your coach. Then, depending on the quality of your video, and your coach, you'll get a response with some suggested drills to work on whatever swing improvement you are hoping for. Here's the downside(s) of that, at least as I see it. Most of us don't have the ability to take simultaneous video of the same single swing from two different view points. So chances are, you're going to send your coach individual recordings of two different swings. Unless you're able to share the video from the RMLM, or some other golf centric recording app that has a ball tracer, the coach is not going to see much of the ball flight. So if you tell the coach you're trying to correct a ball flight error, they might not be able to verify that's the ball flight you sent them. In discussing this feature with my local coach, his opinion of the biggest downside of remote coaching is the fact the remote coach, 'can't touch you'. A lot of what we do in golf, and certainly a lot of what we do in trying to make swing changes, is in how something feels while we do it. A remote coach simply can't put their hands on you to try and demonstrate a different/desired body position and how that position feels different compared to what you are doing. Why do I feel like Coach Connect is not really for me then? Well, I live in the Tampa, Florida area. So, year round, I can't swing a wayward 9-iron without risk of hitting a golf coach and/or a practice range. I'm also happy with my current coach(s). My full swing coach has a nice indoor facility using trackman (which provides gobs more data than the RMLM, especially regarding the club path and impact). I also utilize my local club's resident coach for short game and clinic work. All that put together means, unless I'm looking for some kind of quick key or quick fix drill, I don't have a need that Coach Connect meets. If your situation is different, i.e. living in a winter season area where facilities close, and coaches leave, or the closest available coach is not a good fit for you, then Coach Connect might be a way for you to get there.
  11. Discussion Point/Question 2: What kind of useful data is the RMLM going to give me? What you get out of the RMLM is some basic launch data. You get club speed, ball speed, and launch angle. It does a bit of math and provides a reasonably accurate distance. If you are outside and it can see a bit more ball flight, you get a pretty accurate assessment of basic shot shape, and a video recording with a ball tracer to look at. Without a lot of extra club based data, like swing path, face angle, angle of attack, and the like, it would probably be more accurate to call the RMLM a 'Ball Flight Monitor' rather than a true launch monitor. Don't get me wrong, you do get the basic launch data you might be looking for. If you are at all concerned about spin, well, the RMLM has nothing for you. To get anything more than the basic data, the premium subscription adds in peak height on each recorded shot, but that's about it as far as extra information goes. As mentioned in other posts, the premium subscription increases history storage, so you can look back a lot further to see any changes or improvements. When it all comes down to it though, ball flight is really what matters. That is what the RMLM offers over distance data gathering systems like ShotScope, Game Golf, or Arccos. Those might actually provide a better data set on club distance, but they don't show you how the ball got there, and they don't discern between a 'stock shot' from the fairway, or a recovery/trouble shot from the rough, rocks, trees, and bushes. Using the RMLM will show you the what that stock shot looks like along with giving you a good idea of how far it travels. The only word of caution there is this. Chances are, when you are using this outdoors, you're probably hitting range balls and not your gamer. There are going to be some slight deviations between what you see with those and what you see on the course. So, final answer.. the best, or most useful information you get from the Rapsodo, is actually what really matters, the ball flight.
  12. Before I get into crafting my final review, I'm going to add in a series of posts here in the comment thread to look at some individual discussion points about the Rapsodo MLM. Discussion Point/Question 1: Is the Rapsodo MLM something I need, and what can it do for me? Of course, you'll have to answer this question with another question, or two. Q1: Am I, at any level, a competitive golfer? Q2: How can I use the RMLM to improve in competition? A1 = Yes, what about Q2: A2: The RMLM is going to give you some basic launch and distance data you can use for club gapping. Since you are already a competitive golfer, you probably already have a decent idea of how far you hit each club, and what your typical ball flight looks like. So the RMLM is either going to reinforce your accurate self assessment, or it's going to help keep your golfing self image rooted in reality. Full utility of the device though, comes at a cost beyond the original $500 for purchase. The basic device offers only 100 shots worth of cloud video storage history, so you can look back at your last range session, maybe two. To get more than that, you have to spend the $99/year for a premium subscription. That unlocks 10,000 shots worth of history storage, and some additional data features. One extra data point the premium option offers is peak height on each shot. Beyond that you get access to the Coach Connect feature (additional post pending on that), and the ability to treat the RMLM like a social media platform for some remote contests like longest drive, or closest to target. At the end of it all, you'll get distance and ball flight data that I would call between accurate and precise, and if you need it, remote access to a coach. As a competitive golfer, if you want access to that in your hip pocket (iPhone users), or at least clipped onto your golf bag, and you don't have the budget for a more robust LM system, then it might be worth the expense. A1 = No, I'm only a recreational golfer. Well then, see A2 above and ask yourself, 'why am I thinking about the RMLM in the first place?'. If you are working toward becoming a competitive golfer, it gives you just about enough baseline data to work with as far as ball flight and distance performance. If you are looking for something that will reinforce swing changes you're making, keep in mind, the RMLM does not give enough club data or the ability to edit or overlay lines on the video to study that with. End of the day though, ball flight is really what matters, and you get at least an accurate depiction of that. If none of that matters to you as a recreational golfer, then the RMLM is a cool gadget you can take with you to the range as a conversation starter, because trust me, people will ask you about it.
  13. I noticed this right off the bat, and it was noted that the auto club detect is - at least so far - an outdoor only feature. I'm curious,.. with your net setup being outdoors, do you start up an outdoor session or indoor when setting up? If you use outdoor, does the limited all flight of the net affect the output from the MLM?
  14. The putting interface is really the only thing I 'less than like'. I still frequently forget to collect the pin location. It's not always accurate even when I do. There was a comment earlier in the thread about losing a sensor, I had to trim down the screw on the putter sensor so it would fit into the counter weighted grip on the putter I was using when I first purchased. I haven't had any issues with sensors dropping out though.
  15. Especially if you pull multiple clubs from the bag, like wedge and putter to go to the green. It tends to read the club closest to the band sensor.
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