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  1. Jim Trefil, Illinois I've used SkyCaddie (very early model) and currently a Leopold GX-2i laser range finder. Trying to use the Leopold. ( Hard to use because I'm a little older and a little shaky.)
  2. Question to the club makers; Could a grip put on a little off center cause the putter face to be hooked? Any way to fix this without having a new grip put on? I've had 2 grips, both SS 3.0, put on at Dick's and the darn face still looks hooked. My friends agree. Thanks.
  3. Your first name/home state or province Your current iron set/shaft combo Your current handicap Your review preference - C300 or C300 Forged Jim, Illinois Callaway Steelheads/R shaft, True Temper Graphite, Project X SD 5.5, 1/2" long, 3 degrees up Index 5.5, Hcp 7 C300 (really no preference)
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