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  1. If D. Summerhays was your secret weapon you should've went with ur gut. He would've got ya 16 over Webb. Good luck the rest of the weekend man!
  2. Yea i had Overton in all 4 rounds this week. Hope he has a better year than last. Coming off the Ryder cup appearance i think his and everybody elses expectations were higher for last year. Hope the Eville native puts it all together this year.
  3. ha i feel ya man. If i would've played CH 3rd on saturday like i planned i would've got 2 more points over Chris kirk on Sat and then 5 bonus points for CH 3rd, 3rd place finish. Would've won outright (i'm sure everybody can make a similiar case). I'm happy with a top 10. Hindsight is 20-20 lol. Kirk getting an 8 (Triple) on #9 didn't help the cause on Sat either.
  4. Putter SOLD!!1 Titleist Vokey WedgeWorks Belt Buckle It is the Spin Milled Logo approx 2.5" The belt buckle is new and is still in the original box it was shipped in. I bought 2 of these during a limited release on the vokey store earlier this year. Price: $62 shipped
  5. Tiger on TV says, "yea i really like Rory -- He's fantastic -- we're like 2 Unicorns -- He's no Ray Lewis (although Rory may have stabbed some1 before?) Phil to Kuchar saying, "Man Tiger is so full of s*** during every interview he gives!" Kuthar to Phil saying, "Now Phil, Treat others the way you want to be treated, Scratch that, we should start calling him Cheetah Woods...Do you get it Phil, Cheetah instead of Tiger since he cheated! Tiger say, "Hey guys, i just said i had to go to the bathroom in a sec, i never got up & left the room."
  6. ALL OF THE PRODUCTS LISTED BELOW ARE IN NEW/UNUSED CONDITION. TO PURCHASE ANY OF THESE ITEMS OR FOR ANY QUESTIONS SEND ME AN EMAIL TO MY PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS: MDyer21@Gmail.com I AM WILLING TO ENTERTAIN OFFERS BUT KEEP THEM IN THE BALLPARK PLEASE. Bob Vokey Wedge Works Limited Release Red Belt Buckle. The Buckle was released on his website before the US Open. It is approx. 2.5" Price: 1 For $70, 2 For $135 (All Prices are Shipped) QTY: 2 Available Bob Vokey Wedge Works Limited Release Money Clip. The money clip was released on his website before the US Open. This is the first time that Vokey has ever offered a money clip. On the Reverse side it has the standard BV Gold Wings Logo. Price: $40 (Shipped) QTY: 1 Available Adidas Trophy 3 Stripe Belt Buckle Price: $15 (Shipped) QTY: 1 Available
  7. Here are a couple of pics of the Ping Zing I did the exact same way as described above http://s1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb473/MDyer21/
  8. The marketing department at TM did its homework. It turns out that when you drop an F bomb on national TV these days everybody can't stop talking about it and it spreads like wildfire on the net. I would imagine there isn't a golfer out there that has heard about the Rocketballz line by now. I personally thought the commercial was hilarious, just that little !!!! point at the end of the commercial to keep people talking about the ad. While watching the Farmers Insurance Open, the TM Rocketballz commercial came on and i was sitting there telling my buddies all about the F bomb at the end. After i had built up the add to something that will leave you laughing, TM let me down. The add now runs without the Bleeping of the F Bomb. They have altered the ad. 1st goal of the add ---All the buzz about the add and the curse word = mission accomplish New goal ---draw in all the older golfers, women, and parents of the next tiger woods by using an edited version of the same commercial -brilliant!!!
  9. Just got to head out to the range yesterday to finally hit the new sticks. It was about 60 with 10-15 mph winds, but perfect for this time of year. I really like the Pro A12's. They are solid and pretty forgiving for a players/transition style club. Mishits still seemed to jump off the face and i only noticed about 5-10 yards difference. The c-tapers seem to launch the ball well and provide a nice mid to high ball flight. Overall i would say the Pro A12's are a club worth looking at if you are in the market for a new set. I demoed the 710 AP2's last year and to me they seemed right on par with them.
  10. If it tells you anything my Yellow Lab is actually named Jager! I have the ability to make room for any beverage with an alcohol content. I also just recently purchased a scotty cameron putting patch tool, some yellow MoRodz (tour sticks) & a rule 21 Towel (similiar to the Frogger. I will post some pics when they arrive
  11. This product is a little out there, but everybody likes to have something a little different. If the guys you played golf with every week went out and bought the same clubs and clothes you had, the thought of changin it up would cross you mind possibly. Bubba's using a pink Ping Driver this year to raise money for charity. It's just a guess, but you know somebody out there is in their garage painting their Pink as we speak. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket, who gives a s***! ha
  12. I know that all of the coverage hasn't been uploaded, but to me it seems like Mygolfspy.com is leaving the other golf websites in the dust. Golfwrx has uploaded like 5-10 things, but they must be waiting until they all get back home to upload all of their coverage. Last time I check this is America and we Mericans' don't like to wait on anything! ha Mygolfspy is killing the coverage of the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show and i look forward to their future releases. Once again they are showing why they are the best internet golfing community out there. Keep the stuff coming!
  13. I just got them put together about a week ago. Haven't be able to hit them yet. Planning on going to hit somewhere this week, but IN isn't having the best driving range weather lately. Indoor might be the only option
  14. You mask off the insert with 3/4" or 1" masking tape. You can also use a more expensive 3m tape like a pinstriping automotive tape. This kind is going to give you a little crisper line, but the masking tape works just fine. Then you run a razor blade around the insert. With the masking tape you can set the edge so it isn't difficult at all. Then just apply the paint. I just did 2 putters like this last week. I ghosted an older DFX 2-ball and painted the 2 balls matte black. I also did a Ping Zing 2i Isopur. I will post some pic on here sometime this week
  15. Yea Mr. Beam is my coping mechanism for those days in the mid 80's ha.
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