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  1. Ken Ontario, NY walk most of the time Bag Boy swivel
  2. Ken Ontario, NY Cobra Speed Zone 11.7 index Swing Speed 95 TSi 3
  3. Was fit for my previous Driver (Callaway Epic w/ Project X stiff shaft) at a local golf shop. I was happy with it but I just never got comfortable with it. That was summer of 2019. This spring due to the Covid I tried the TRU-FIT here at MGS. It was suggested the Cobra Speed Zone 9.5 w/ Tensei Blue stiff shaft. I ordered it and went to the driving range. Had my own side by side test between the two drivers. I could not believe how the comfort and trust I had in the Cobra as compared to the Callaway. Distance, dispersion and control were amazing. Next morning I played my home course and played two balls off the tee, switching back and forth between which one I hit first. Again the Cobra won hands down. More fairways and better control (draws and fades on demand). I put the Callaway in the closet and made the Cobra my gamer. Season is winding down here in Northern NY and I cannot be happier that I went with the Cobra. My playing partners aren't very happy. Took me off the email list for weekend schedule because I have been taking their money every time I played. Thanks MGS for whatever hand you had with the TRU-FIT. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a new Driver.
  4. Ken - Ontario NY 11.2 Cleveland RTX 3 VM I like the "DULL" look about them. Unobtrusive and distinct
  5. Good points! Never thought of it that way. Thanks for the input
  6. So not that long ago there was an article about Taylor Made taking over as the NEW #1 equipment company. Just want to throw my 2 cents in. The golf course I work at hosted a fitting session for Taylor Made and Calloway. Taylor Made sold close to $22000 worth of equipment. Call away comes in a week later and all they did was fittings. Did not close a single deal with anyone! No pricing, No nothing. Just told folks what they suggest. Gave the Golf Director the information and then left. When asked if they sold anything they told the pro that was his job. 5 hours of work and not a single sale. Kinda missing the boat if you ask me. A name only goes so far. What’s your opinions??
  7. I agree with the fitting suggestion. When dropping $450 plus you don’t want to guess it is the best fit. I tried 5 different drivers with different shaft to find what works best for me and what felt best. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Thomas Pieters final score-8
  9. Ken / New York Handicap - 15 I have tried many different putting drills using props (tees, alignment strings, etc) but never a training device
  10. Ken / New York 15 / 95 Srixon Z star (previous year) I have played both - last year
  11. Ken from New York Driver Callaway Epic Flash SZ 9*/ Project X Smoke / 70g/ Stiff flex HDCP 15 /swing speed 95 I do not have access to a launch monitor I have never tried Tour Edge products
  12. Ken - Rochester NY Hndcp - 15 Swing speed 90-100 Srixon 765 G410SFT
  13. Your first name - Ken Home state/province - New York Current driver- srixon 765 10.5 Miyazaki 6s stiff Current swing speed - 108
  14. Tier 1 - Justin Rose Tier 2 - Ian Poulter Tier 3 - Xander Schauffele Tier 4 - Kevin Kisner Tier 5 - Cameron Smith Winning score -9
  15. Ken - Ontario, NY I currently play a Callaway Big Bertha 9.5 degree with a Kuro Kage stiff shaft. 105 swing speed and a 15 handicap
  16. Ken Mancini 50 54 58 Renegar RX 12 strength is inside 40 weakness is distance control from 60-100, hndcp 15
  17. Ken in Ontario New York I currently play a 9 degree GBB with a stiff Kuro Kage shaft My swing speed is 100-105 mph and with a carry of 260 yards. My handicap is 15
  18. Ken - from Rochester, NY Callaway 9 degree GBB Kuro Kage stiff shaft swing speed is around 110 / 260 yds Handicap 15
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