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  1. Congrats all! Looking forward to your thoughts on these, as someone who's growing into a fan of the Tour S line.
  2. I always look for negatives/things golfers didn't like in a review. Some of that is going to be personal to the golfer doing the testing/review, but no club is 100% absolutely amazing and the best ever. I find overly positive and glowing reviews to be less helpful than those where things that didn't work or the tester didn't like are pointed out.
  3. Lots of great comments in here. Used gear is the way I go as well to save money, I know what brands/shafts/flexes work for my swing based on past fittings and experience and that's what I'll look for. You can almost never go wrong with Callaway Pre-Owned.
  4. A lot of things could be causing those issues such as a poor setup, lack of shoulder turn, lack of proper wrist hinge, being over the top, etc. If you're not taking lessons, try posting a swing vid here and I'm sure someone who's far more knowledgeable than I can give you some solid advice
  5. What makes you think you use the arms too much? Is this something a pro pointed out during a lesson?
  6. I've had zero issues with spikeless for the most part, and I play a few hilly courses that don't have the best drainage at times. If it's been really wet out, I'll wear my spikes (which are incredibly comfy, another reason I like them) but more often than not it's spikeless.
  7. We’re all Apple, all the way. My wife and I both had Android phones in the beginning and there were too many issues with app compatibility. That may be cleared up now, but when we went iPhone we never had another issue. They just work and they last. I see no reason to ever switch back.
  8. I do 10-15 mins of yoga every morning. It started to help my back feel better but I can say with absolute confidence it’s helped strengthen my core and made me more flexible overall when it comes to golf. I highly recommend it.
  9. I follow way too many to list here, but the vast majority of non-golf I subscribe to are music production related or drumming/drum corps channels.
  10. Not nearly as old as that, I have a Taylormade forged 2 iron I purchased for $1 at a thrift store. I don't believe it's ever been hit. Every now and again I think about bringing it to the range to see if I can actually get it airborne.
  11. I knew even before I clicked the link that John was going to be the author I still feel like the previous iterations looked better, but that's more personal preference. These are very clean and I'm betting based on past reviews, will both feel and perform very well. Solid release from W/S.
  12. I know I'm going to be in the minority here, but I'm not a fan. I adore Srixon's looks across the board, and feel like they make some of the absolute best looking mass-market irons along with Mizuno. The black just doesn't do it for me.
  13. So many other great apparel brands out there. This just doesn't move the needle for me, unfortunately.
  14. Incredibly solid group of testers right here. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's reviews and thoughts.
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