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  1. I love 9 hole rounds. There's a 9 hole course 10 mins from my office that I will play either right before or right after work, even if it's just a practice round. I get my golf fix in without impacting other things in my schedule. I'll play 9 with my son a lot too; with all his commitments with school, band, part-time work, etc. it's a great way for some dad/son time out there that doesn't eat up the better part of an entire day.
  2. Mavrik Max driver and Hy-Wood are safe. Tried to replace the Mavrik this season and it was still clearly a great driver for me. D7 irons are fairly safe. I got a lot more consistent moving back to steel from graphite with no physical concerns as of yet. I still might go the Halo XL route at one point in 2023 because forgiveness is awesome. CBX 2 wedges are also pretty darn safe. Putter... well of the three in my rotation only the HB10 is safe to stay for a while. If something's going to change this coming year, this will probably be the spot.
  3. Same here. If you're asking this question on a golf forum, of course we're pretty much all going to answer along the lines of looking at their gear. I'm always curious what people have in their bag. But I never judge. I played once with an older gent who's newest club was a Ping G5 driver. He was dead straight all day long and deadly on the greens with 20+ year old clubs. I also have a friend who needs 2 new sets of irons a year and has never broken 90. I really don't care what folks are playing are wearing. I judge them based on their behavior and how they treat the course & their playing partners.
  4. I always start a round with a new ball. I'll toss scuffed ones into my shag bag and I'll only grab one of those if I run low on new balls, which thankfully is happening less and less.
  5. Those are two very different balls. The AVX is a very low flight ball across nearly all clubs, so if you switch away to something else for more check around the greens, keep in mind the ballflight you're used to having has a very good chance of changing, which can impact how you're playing.
  6. I replace them whenever I find a crazy good deal that my GAS doesn't allow me to pass up.
  7. Welcome to the internet. You must be new here. I again was referring to the flood of new posters who all joined to bump a 4 month old thread, as I stated. Feeling some residual guilt there, buddy? Welcome to MGS! Great first post If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...
  8. A 4 yr old thread being bumped by brand new 1 post accounts all shilling for some company almost no one has heard of is what the hell I'm talking about.
  9. Instead of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" it's "Attack of the Obvious Spam Shill Bots".
  10. My irons got so much better from 7i up when I started taking what felt like a 3/4 swing with a straight arm follow through. Distance and height actually increased and my dispersion went way down. Short irons and wedges IMO should never be full out swings for most golfers. Control over distance every time.
  11. I'm not gonna wade into the morass that Wilson marketing and brand perception is, I've done that enough over the years. And I say that as someone who now has his 6th set of W/S irons in the bag. I'm just gonna wish Harry good luck. He's gonna need it.
  12. As usual I'll focus on flexibility and conditioning. Lots of yoga, lots of riding my bike indoors, lots of swings with the Orange Whip.
  13. This right here. It's good when manufacturers try to keep costs level but the reality is every single part of their supply chain is costing more right now. Still a pretty good value based on the performance.
  14. In all of that purchasing of various heads & shafts, did you consider paying for a lesson?
  15. Stick with the web browser. TapaTalk is terrible.
  16. This didn't last long in the bag. It's now in my son's bag as I just couldn't maintain any consistency with it. One round would be money, the next it would be slice city and lost balls galore. I put my Mavrik Max back in the bag, and my comfort and consistency have shot through the roof.
  17. Still have my eyes on these. Picked up some D7 irons for a song but considering flipping them to pull these off.
  18. Great writeup @Berg Ryman thanks for taking us through all of that. Definitely a thorough process.
  19. Oh ok I get it. Thread about MGS's socials threatening an expose on YouTubers that never appeared got locked, and now when you call out MGS videos for being clickbait the thread threatens to get locked. I see where this is going. Peace out.
  20. My days of donating to support this site are done. I don't want my money going to crap podcast and videos, and to a site that has proven that it doesn't care about the forum or it's members. Let me be clear - this is not directed at our mods who do an amazing job given what they're handed. But this site overall has moved in a direction that I don't care for, and I'm no longer going to support it.
  21. Callaway Preowned should be your first stop. They always run different sales on their own clubs, and also have a pretty wide selection of other brands as well. If you buy from there, you know you're getting good gear and the condition is always better than they advertise. I've found their pricing to usually be better than 2nd Swing or Global Golf as a whole.
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