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  1. When I was testing the C300s I had a number of people ask about them and try them out. Can’t say that led to any sales, but it sure got word out. Not so much on the NX9 though, to be honest. I let a number of other golfers try it but there wasn’t anywhere near the same level of interest. Maybe the sexy factor isn’t quite there vs shiny new clubs? Anyways when I’ve been lucky enough to test I’ve shared on the course, and posted on FB and Twitter. Just tried to do my part to bring awareness to the reviews and MGS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You said Titleist was like a DTC and you could get the ball from them for $22. I pointed out that you couldn’t. Please don’t move the goalposts. We’re all here and not at other forums because we don’t buy into hype. We buy into proven performance and facts. That’s why this thread is as long as it is. Simple construction and makeup show why the Snell is better than the new TruFeel FOR MANY GOLFERS. You don’t agree? Fine. Play what you like. I have no problem with that. None of us do. Enjoy your evening. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So here's what it'll cost to get TruFeel shipped to my house. 2 piece, surlyn ball. Here's what it'll cost to get the MTB-X shipped to my house: So $4 more for a tour quality, urethane ball from a DTC company. One that will almost definitely perform noticeably differently around the greens than the above Titleist ball. Oh, and one that actually would be *cheaper* shipped to me if I ordered a larger quantity... but no discount from Titleist for a larger order. That's not marketing. That's simple economics combined with solid factual knowledge thanks to MGS.
  4. No, not really. Titleist can't sell a tour level urethane ball at the same price as Snell due to their overhead and distribution. That's not exactly a true comparison in your example above. DTC is far more than a "marketing term".
  5. I think there will always be a DTC market for those who like having quality goods shipped to their door. I do think that the DTC ball companies that are simply rebadging will fade away, while others like Snell will always have a solid sales base.
  6. Like I said above, if someone pays good money for a fitting and that's their mindset, it's a waste of money IMHO.
  7. I know this EP is two years old at this point, but it's probably my most listened to album this year. It's just so good.
  8. I don't know how much I'd agree with that, TBH. At this point, pretty much every OEM has great products. I think most people are going into a fitting open minded because let's be real, paying hard earned $$$ for a fitting and only wanting to be told that your favorite brand is the "right" choice is a waste of time and money. Plus with the wealth of info out there, I don't think anyone who's serious enough about a fitting is going to think that there's only one brand out there for them.
  9. Same. Also, I prefer my equipment used or a generation or two old. I'm frugal. So I guess I'm biased against brand new off the shelf, latest release equipment.
  10. That's brutal @Kenny B. I fully understand folks wanting to have "teaching rounds" out on the course, but it's usually best to save those for twilight or other slow periods. As for the other group... sounds like the clubhouse may need to put up signs advertising a remedial course in ready golf.
  11. Sorry, but I only buy used clubs that are GUARANTEED to hit long and straight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. russtopherb

    Srixon Sale

    Good gravy what a deal.
  13. Dean's a beauty. Love his no-nonsense approach to the golf ball industry and how he feels golfers should look at their ball selection. The man knows a few things. I also learned that he played for the Hershey Bears today. Never knew that! I know he played hockey but I didn't realize he made it to that level. And to the comment above about Boston traffic - you'd better believe it. If I had the commute Dean did, I would've taken a massive pay cut to work a "par 5" away from my house!
  14. russtopherb

    Your ball?

    I tend to stick with 2 or 3 piece balls, mostly because I'm still bad enough to lose a handful (or more) per round and I don't like wasting $12+ of premium balls in the woods. I don't spin a ball at all with my swing speed either, so I play a lot of bump & runs anyways. I prefer the Q Star Tour, however I'm fine with playing balls like the Duo and the Softfli. Yes, I know what the ball test showed, however for me, I know how those types of balls play and I seem to do well with them. My best scores all came with the Softfli. I wish Bridgestone hadn't messed with the E6, because that ball was great for me.
  15. Callaway is awesome when it comes to customer service. A few years back I had a RAZR Fit I bought new on clearance, maybe my 3rd time with it on the course I hit the ball FAT. Like, half a mile behind the ball. I was so steep the shaft actually broke up near the handle. I hit them up on Twitter to see if I could get a replacement shaft, one phone call later and I had a brand new Big Bertha on my doorstep. They were amazing, and went above & beyond.
  16. Hit a large bucket at lunch today (shhh don't tell my boss). I spent a lot of time with my 54* just trying to see how I could get different flights to a few targets. Driver was good today, so was my HWood off the deck. Irons have definitely been getting more consistent, and a lot of that is really focusing in on my backswing. When I get that right, everything else just feels automatic.
  17. Those are some great looking irons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Gruden was probably never happier for a 5am meeting in his life.
  19. Ran into McCaffrey in multiple leagues this weekend. I'm taking L's all over the place.
  20. Congrats to the testers! Great group right there.
  21. I always get confused when people are concerned that there's too many choices. We're all different. We have different budgets, different swings, different courses that we play on, different likes/dislikes, different ways of acquiring new gear... another option that may be right up someone's alley isn't a bad thing. No one ever complains when Toyota comes out with another car model, or upgrades a package on an existing model.
  22. One time my buddy and I were playing a twilight round at a course, the back 9 starts with a 90* dogleg right, we both already had terrible scores so we tried to cut the corner for the heck of it and neither of us made it over the trees. As we walked over to try and find our balls, my buddy pointed one out. I thought it was WAY too close to the tee box to be mine... as we got closer we realized that there were balls EVERYWHERE. Someone must've driven through the trees to get to the green instead of following the fairway and all we could think was that their bag pockets were WIDE open. The cart bouncing around over the roots must've shaken everything loose. All Pro V1s, Bridgestone B330's, etc. I think we each grabbed half a dozen balls each, at least. We hadn't seen anyone in front of us the entire round so who knows how long those balls were on the ground. Whoever that was probably went to grab a ball later on in the round and scratched their head over how few balls were left in their bag... and yes, we most certainly played those found balls.
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