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  1. Not doing what? Having a discussion about something you posted? Alrighty then.
  2. Aren't jokes supposed to be funny?
  3. Wait so he's crapping on people for being fans of the team for nearly 20 years? Which for people who are now in their early thirties, nearly their entire lives? What a weak argument to make. Yes I know he's talking about being a bandwagon, but when your run ran nearly 20 years, that's a huge amount of time. I am so over talking heads and their stupid "hot takes".
  4. I played Magic from like '93-'99. Ended up selling all my decks to a co-worker when we were moving and later found out just how badly he ripped me off. I've played a bit with my nephews who are really into Magic. My son tried but never got into it.
  5. OK I am just not a fan of hybrids due to not getting along with them no matter what brand or model I try, but I would gladly try that one out just based on the sharp looks alone.
  6. This is a great testing opportunity on some putters we know have been solid performers in the past. Good luck to the hopeful testers!
  7. Just wanted to toss this up here one more time for our MA/RI golfers! This is a scramble we're holding to help replace funds that we've lost in our Scholarship Fund due to all of our school concerts being cancelled for the past year. Allendale CC is a great track, plus we'll have prizes from Titleist, Snell, and a few other companies up for grabs. Here's the link with more info. Signups/checks must be in by April 20.
  8. Finished LIIFT4 on Friday, our scale is janky so I don't trust what it tells me but it looks like I've dropped at least 5lbs since starting the program. I can definitely see much more definition in my arms and shoulders, which is nice. I'm taking a week off to let my body re-set and rest my shoulder & knee, then start back up next week using the weights I was using on Week 5 and build from there.
  9. I've never understood collecting *anything*, to be honest. Don't see the value in spending money on something then putting it away on a shelf. My putter collection is currently at 4. That's probably 2 too many, but it came in handy when the after-prom committee set up a putting green a few years ago but forgot to get some putters
  10. I was expecting a lot worse, to be honest! Glad to see some lower cost balls get the treatment, because let's be real - not every golfer is out there paying $50/doz for urethane balls so they can hopefully score in the low 70's. Plenty of golfers who are out there to have fun and shoot a decent score, with their priorities in that order. Plenty of market for lower cost balls for that segment of golfers.
  11. Sucks that you can't fire the owners. They are terrible.
  12. Welcome! I worked in Fall River for 16+ years. Allendale is about 2 mins from my house. It's a gorgeous course (we're holding a golf event there on May 1 for our town music association's scholarship fund). I can also recommend Whaling City for a very decently priced course, Rochester is an amazing value if you like to walk, Acushnet River Valley is a must-play. Touissett is a stone's throw from Fall River (just over the Braga) and is $15 after 5pm to walk 9 holes. I play there a lot after work... well, I *used* to anyways pre-COVID.
  13. Congrats to the testers! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts & reviews
  14. For under $300 you may want to look at local stores that sell used clubs, Facebook Marketplace, etc. You most likely will be able to get "better" gear that way - it'll be a few years older, but should be much better built, better quality, etc. There's certainly nothing wrong with picking up a boxed set if you want, like the others said try and stick with a brand like Callaway, Wilson, or Tour Edge vs. " big box" brands like Top Flite. Here's a few decent sets right around $300 - https://www.budgetgolf.com/golf-clubs/#!|page|1|opp|30|g|2|cat|23|248|249
  15. Hard pass for me. Very visually unappealing.
  16. Good job on the grips! I started regripping all of my clubs a few years ago and I'm really glad I did. It's dead easy to do. One thing I figured out to make things easy is to put a plastic tub under the grip and part of the shaft. I regrip in my garage, so I put the tub on some saw horses. Helps catch any extra solvent.
  17. Pretty sure I still have a few P (a)'s in the bottom of my "found balls" pocket. I actually enjoyed that ball a lot (I also enjoyed the QST, so I guess I have a type), but it's not like it was one of those "wow I must stock up and buy 8 dozen right now" balls either.
  18. Not that I'm aware of. I haven't even considered playing it since my post back in November. Much like so many other golf games, it has limited replayability before it just gets boring because it's more of the same.
  19. Wishing him the best!!
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