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  1. russtopherb

    Any gamers here?

    I picked up The Show 18 dirt cheap since the new version will be out in a few months. I'm loving it so far, playing Road To The Show. I really wish the NHL series had the RPG element that this game has.
  2. russtopherb

    Wilson D7 Irons

    W/S usually does a great job with their shaft selection to help enhance the SGI capabilities of the D line. Coming in at $599 with those shafts is a smart move.
  3. russtopherb

    What/How did you practice today?

    I'm stuck at home with a sick kid, so I spent 15 minutes doing some easy swings in front of a mirror. First time touching a club in months. I mostly just went to the top of my backswing to make sure I had a full shoulder turn (HUGE problem I always have) and that my arms weren't going too far. I also work on NOT hinging the club actively, and letting the clubhead set my wrists.
  4. russtopherb

    Bridgestone e12 golf balls

    I was thinking maybe it was them taking the best parts of the last 2 iterations of the e6 and adding them together...
  5. Just based on all the different responses that are all over the map in this thread, I hope you take the most common advice which is to go see a reputable pro You don't need to sign up for $1000 of lessons, some work on building a repeatable swing based on your body and swing tendencies should go a long way. Good luck!!!
  6. As much as I love the quality & value that W/S brings to the table, this is a side effect of their company size and price point. I wouldn't expect the same response from W/S than a Ping or a Titleist or Callaway... just as I wouldn't expect the same level of service from a dealership if I bought a Corolla vs a Lexus. I do like that W/S will help out if you send the club back, and I understand their reasoning, but they just don't sell at the volume of a major OEM, so they're not going to have parts from clubs built 10-20 years ago like a Ping. In any event - I hope this all works out for the OP. W/S has always been open with communications in my experience and I'm looking forward to a pic of the irons with new badges on them.
  7. Does the face on this one remind anyone else of the Cleveland Classic? I look at this face and it just screams "hit me as hard as you can!" to me. Here's the face pic from the MGS article. I've grown fond of having an adjustable driver that I can set to the D position when my swing isn't there, but one of these in 10.5* sounds right up my alley. This line (including the hybrids) excites me far more than the Cortex does, to be honest.
  8. russtopherb

    Matte or glossy

    I prefer matte but the performance is going to be the bigger factor for me, every time.
  9. That's a really interesting scenario, and the first I've ever heard about the badging coming off of the C300s. I was also a tester and like the others, had some issues with paintfill but never an issue with the actual badge. It's disappointing that W/S won't even be able to repair it for you, I almost wonder if there was some issue with those irons that occurred after they left W/S.
  10. I just don't get the reasoning here. I know that Callaway is very protective of their image & brand conscious to the extreme, and I mean that as the highest of compliments. I don't think there's a golf OEM out there that does marketing & social media engagement like Callaway does. As a result, you think that there'd be initiative on their end to have more stories out there about the clubs. If the results don't fit the message, that's not the fault of the clubs or the testers - that's on the marketing. Bottom line, Callaway knows that MGS is going to buy the clubs anyways and test them, so why deal with the fallout of refusing to participate? I get that more and more OEMs are conscious about sending out too many clubs, seems like every other day there's a new blog or podcast that wants to do reviews, Twitter is filled with people begging for free gear, however MGS is recognized as being one of the best, if not the best, logo agnostic review sources around.
  11. russtopherb

    Soaring Club Prices too Much For Van Sickle

    Where’s the article bemoaning how rising car costs have stopped people from driving? Every year at this time there’s a few articles like this. Such laziness. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. russtopherb

    Happy thread

    I learned our next door neighbor's oldest son is now cancer free! He had to take a semester off of his junior year of college to fight it, and fight it he did with some treatments up in Boston. He's headed back to college and I couldn't be happier for him and his family.
  13. russtopherb

    Weight Loss Thread

    So I'm on the train. I re-installed MyFitnessPal on my phone to track my eating habits, and also got the 7 Minute Workout app so I can get in some exercise in the morning. I'm also making a point to get to the gym at the Y at least 2x per week, usually when my son is at karate. I've got to run up and down a giant ramp pushing props in April in a situation where the kids are timed on and off the floor at WGI World Championships, and last year I was sucking wind the entire time. Gotta get in shape!
  14. russtopherb

    Least favorite

    Anything that's "X yards longer!!!"
  15. russtopherb

    On Tour This Week-Sentry Tournament of Champions

    What a great way to kick off the season.
  16. I wore a hole in the carpet in my old office at work
  17. russtopherb

    Favorite book

    Tough to pick just one, I’d have to go with Wizard and Glass by Stephen King. The Stand is right behind it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. Great signing! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. This thread is going to be a great follow for these next few months. I'm looking forward to the updates on progress.
  20. russtopherb

    Cobra F9 & F9 ONE Irons Thread

    The One Length looks make me think of Tour Edge with that shape & color. For me, Cobra irons always look so much better in hand than they do in pics.
  21. russtopherb

    Cobra F9 Fairway Wood Thread

    If there's a 3/4w that could kick out my GBB, I'm betting it's probably this one.
  22. russtopherb

    Favorite Author

    I've got to go with Stephen King, his stories are all over the place and there's something for everyone. The Dark Tower series is probably my favorite of all time. I also like absurdist type stuff, so Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey are up there, too.
  23. Cleveland Smart Sole S. It's like magic. Absolutely worthless for pretty much any other shot, but amazing in the sand.
  24. Those were some great feeling clubs. Got my only ace with one. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy