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  1. At the time there really wasn't a big understanding of it yet (for many reasons). Like I mentioned earlier - his doctors were still going along treating it as pneumonia. He had flown back to MA from Arkansas around 2 weeks prior to getting sick and had 3 layovers where he was wandering around airports...
  2. I know I've mentioned a few times that I've been ultra conservative about going places and potentially carrying COVID due to my father recently having pneumonia and being hospitalized. He's semi retired but works as a CNA in a nursing home a few shifts per week, and has been going back to work to help out (thankfully no reported cases or concerns there). The other day he was talking with his Director of Nursing about his pneumonia, and how he had been to the doc 3x before being hospitalized because the meds just weren't working. The DoN asked to see his hospitalization paperwork and lab results, then yesterday told him to call a number here in MA to speak with someone. After calling in and going over what happened, the doctor he spoke with was 90% sure he had COVID. Pretty sure there's no testing after the fact, but his lack of response on typical meds and needing to be intubated for the better part of 4 days and crashing in the ambulance with 70% blood oxygen level were very scary at the time. Again, this isn't 100% definitive. Getting the message that he had been rushed to the hospital was bad enough, thinking that he may have had it and remembering what he went through is completely sobering. I'm so thankful that I masked up every time I went to see him even when he was moved out of the SICU, and was fanatical about washing & sanitizing my hands. I'm even more thankful that he recovered, and let me tell you - it took him nearly a month after being discharged before he even felt semi-normal. He's still on oxygen every night as it is.
  3. Not a bad price for what's been a very decent ball over the past few years.
  4. I've got an Infinite South Side from a few years ago, very nice weighting and feel. Stock grip was no good, so I swapped it out with a Winn Pistol.
  5. Best will be putting as long as every green is as flat as my living room carpet and has the same speed. Worst for me will be basically everything else. Usually takes me a month or so in the best of times to find my "feels" again.
  6. I think my wife’s made somewhere around 50 or so since last week. I grabbed one for myself to wear to the grocery store, which is pretty much the only place I go. I’d have to say the majority of shoppers yesterday were wearing masks of some sort. It was great to see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. After I jacked up my back rushing while moving my daughter out of her dorm a few weeks ago, Vytas' Yoga for Lower Back Pain was a lifesaver. My wife's doing the 21 Day Fix right now and loves it. Thanks for the cycling yoga rec, I'll almost definitely be needing that once I start riding again LOL!
  8. The bike riding part of my exercise plan is on the back burner for at least another week or so. The tires I ordered came in yesterday... and I ordered the wrong ones. Looks like when I changed the tire size on the dropdown I forgot to check/change the type of tire, and cruiser tires showed up. No thanks. Ordered some hybrids (yes I double checked this time!) which should arrive in around a week. I thought I'd be slick and pump up what I have on the bike now and go for a short spin around the neighborhood. I could actually hear my rear tire disintegrating from the dry rot. So no riding for a bit, still doing the daily on-demand workouts from my wife's BeachBody subscription.
  9. Birdie Balls are your best bet if you can't set up a net and hit real balls. If that's not an option, then foam. Plastic should be your absolute last resort, and if you get those, stock up. They don't last at all.
  10. I don't mind some chatter, we're social creatures after all. I can only think of a few times where I was paired up or placed in a group where the golfers weren't asking questions, chatting about past rounds & terrible shots, etc. As long as it quiets down as someone's stepping up to their shot, I don't mind it at all.
  11. You're about 15 days too early with that one My best friend all throughout high school was Christopher. We looked very much alike, so much so that at a marching band competition his grandmother took an entire roll of pictures of me, thinking I was her grandson. His family commented we were so similar that we could be interchangable, and I was there so often they combined our first names and I ended up as Russtopher sometime around 1990 or so. It caught on with our friends and that's been my nickname ever since.
  12. Can't believe I forgot Pinegrove's Marigold. Just came out in January. Perfect if you love americana/alt-indie/whatever you want to call it.
  13. I haven't even tried the D7 I just got at Christmas yet so I'll sit this one out Good luck to everyone who throws their hat in the ring!
  14. Devin Townsend's Empath is fantastic. As is Yvette Young's Piano EP, although I do like her acoustic EPs a bit better. For more obscure bands - Moron Police's A Boat On A Sea is brilliant - if you love poppy prog rock arrangements like Genesis or Spock's Beard, you'll love them. Thank You Scientist's Terraformer is amazing. The musicianship in this band is off the charts. Band Maid's Conqueror is tops of my list of "albums that sound like the absolute best of 80's melodic metal but with lyrics you'll never understand because they're in Japanese". If straight up rock n roll is your thing, then Dave Hause's Kick just cannot be beat. MA's own Future Teens' Breakup Season is probably the best indie pop album I've heard in years. The harmonies are freakin' amazing and wicked pissah. Finally, I think that Deafheaven's Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is one of the absolute best albums to come out over the last few years, even if it was released in 2018. That's one of those "listen all the way through every single time" albums for me.
  15. Stuff like this really irks me. Some people are required to go to work, or if they don't go, they lose their income. I get that and totally sympathize, and what makes it worse is these folks are probably terrified of getting sick since they're working retail and in contact with a lot of people every day. Groups of people coming in to just browse and kill time are not only wasting employee time, they're potentially asymptomatic carriers. I know grocery store employees, Target, WalMart etc. are there because they sell foodstuff. Now isn't the time to wander the store looking for a new curtain pattern IMHO.
  16. Without my commute I've been slacking on my podcasts. Listening to the latest episode of The Office Ladies now, and I have the last few episodes of Disgraceland on tap.
  17. I was just THRILLED to learn that my town now has a number of cases, and they started with a family from NYC that has a summer home here. They decided to leave NY and hunker down here after shelter in place was enacted in NY, and when they arrived of course they drove all over town visiting stores and pharmacies to buy groceries and stock up on supplies. It's mind boggling to think that the health of so many people is going to depend on the common sense of others...
  18. I like it! Easy out and I'm a terrible bunker player. That said, it's definitely a one-trick pony. It's worthless for pretty much any other kind of shot, so you lose that slot in your bag for pretty much everything else.
  19. My wife had done our usual stock up run to BJ's Wholesale right before everything started going south. So we have an entire closet filled with TP, napkins, paper towels, etc. No concerns here!
  20. Day 3 of being back on the workout wagon and things are going well. Still a slight bit of soreness in my back but nothing painful. I'm making sure to stretch both before and after workouts to play it safe. I ordered 2 new bike tires on Amazon last night, if there's a time to get back on it and ride, it's right now with drastically reduced traffic.
  21. Agreed with all the others on both used sets as well as boxed sets. There’s plenty of good ones out there. My 14yo is 5’4” and using my old W/S D200s with R flex graphite shafts. His PGA Jr coach tried him in some of the larger US Kids irons last year and my son was hitting the W/S much more consistently. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Same here. Although we're HQ'd in the northeast we sell all over the world and have partners everywhere. We saw what was happening and thankfully our company put measures into place almost immediately. So far, so good - we're pretty much all working remote, no one is sick (yet) and due to the nature of what we build, business has been through the roof. It boggled my mind to see how little credence too many people put into the warnings of what was coming, and now we're in this boat for the foreseeable future.
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