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  1. Looks great, would love to try it out
  2. Looks great, would love to test. Thanks!
  3. Looks well balanced, would love to test it out. Thanks!
  4. Very intrigued, would love to test either drive especially the max.
  5. Looks comfortable would love to walk the courses in Pa. with all those hills.
  6. Bill Bethesda, Md Callaway Rouge 100 swing speed 20 handicap TSi2 or anyone looks awesome
  7. Bill Bethesda I have practiced with a few inexpensive putting mats. They never stay flat or roll true. I would love to test either the slow or medium mat. Thanks
  8. Bill Bethesda md practice on my carpet or a not so good putting mat. I have used a few different inexpensive mats with ball returns and they never stay flat
  9. Bill Bethesda, Md. USA my putter is a 15yr old ping blade putter interested in the ZB3 blade putter
  10. Would love to test the sky caddy. I had a golf buddy watch but has died only after 2 years. I just use the yard markers for right now. I play 3 times a week in Bethesda,Md. and Virginia. Thanks
  11. I would love to test the Cleveland putter.it sounds promising Bill maryland 25handicap play 4 times a week use ping putter
  12. Bill Jordan Maryland handicap 25 putter titleist mallet looks like. Great putterwould love to try it
  13. Bill Jordan Bethesda,Md i use a golf buddy watch. The problem I have is it doesn’t work or load on cloudy days. Would love to test out a manual one. I play four days a week. Thanks!
  14. Tier 5 pick John Daily winning score -8
  15. I would be totally interested and grateful to test the putter. I tend to scuff my ping putter because of the heavy weight. I bet the lighter shaft will help with this problem plus the lighter shaft will make it less likely to pull my putts. My handicap would be 10 strokes lower if I solve these problems. I golf 5 days a week so I would really put this putter to the test. Thanks! moderate putter ping Bill
  16. I would love to test the tour edge driver to compare with my rogue. Thanks, guillermo321@yahoo.com
  17. Biggest cause of slow play is the cheapskates that take five minutes to look for a ball. I take 30 seconds then say oh well and drop another ball
  18. Bill Bethesda,Md 25 hdcp callaway rogue driver. I would love to compare the ping driver to the rogue
  19. Bill Bethesda,md 25 handicap i use Ping wedges 56 58 60 excited for the chance to try Bridgestone
  20. Would love to test the new Bridgestone golf ball Bill Bethesda,Md Handicap 25 play Callaway chrome want to try more speed golf ball
  21. The Big Shot Turned is awesome I would love to win a pair. Thanks!
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