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    P770/p7mc combo


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    Shafts: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue s400 Grips: Golf Pride Z Grip, standard Loft: 1° Weak Lie: 1° Upright Length: Standard All Pics: https://imgur.com/a/hWgtyeI Price: $700 shipping included I own a loft/lie machine and can adjust the clubs to your preference. Follow this link for standard loft and lie angles: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/P770%2FP7MC-Combo-Set-Irons/DW-TA155-770MC.html?lang=en_US


  2. Ohhh fudge.... Except I didn't say fudge Standard or midsize grip?
  3. I ended up getting a 11.5 degree aeroburner mini in xstiff that I'm super happy with and can be found cheap
  4. Sorry for the confusion, this post originally had a set of iron shafts for sale as well and those sold first. Either way, I forgot to update the post. Everything is sold All Sold
  5. I messaged this guy back in February and he said he found what he was looking for then
  6. Jesus, this set is stunning but those are the worse fit shafts for me GLWS
  7. Let's hear some offers
  8. Mavrik Head & HZRDUS Smoke Black are Sold
  9. Callaway Heads and Shafts - Mix and Match to your preference **Big Bertha Alpha 815 10.5°** pics --> https://imgur.com/a/HzCON7S - $135 Shipped w/Shaft of your choice - Don't sleep on this club. Packed with tons of tech. Adjustable toe and heel weight along with adjustable center weight for high and low spin. **Rogue ST Max 10.5°** pics--> https://imgur.com/a/1R6YSlE - $265 Shipped w/ Shaft of your choice - minor scratch out towards the toe on the topline. Not very noticeable at address Shaft Selection **Tensei Blue 65g Stiff** - 44.25" butt to tip - Standard Golf Pride Align MCC+4 - pics --> https://imgur.com/a/RwlL4tB **Project X LZ 16 Handcrafted 64g 6.0 Stiff** - 44" butt to tip - Standard Lamkin UTx - pics --> https://imgur.com/a/pfOQiZl
  10. SOLD Wilson Staff Model CBs - 5-GW + Standard Length/Loft/Lie. Standard Grips - S300 Shafts. Never touched grass, dirt, any outside terrain of any kind. Only used them on my indoor setup. As mint and "used" can be. $575 Shipped Full Album here--> https://imgur.com/a/gcrLwGI
  11. Any specific Nike driver , pretty sure I have a 10.5 reg flex one somewhere
  12. Amazingly good. Starting to look like I'll be keeping them and getting rid of a different set
  13. SHAFTS ARE SOLD Let's move these Wilson's before I end up throwing x100s in them and gaming them myself! Full Album in case anyone missed it https://imgur.com/a/gcrLwGI
  14. I'm assuming it's not face balanced
  15. Wilson Staff Model CBs - 5-GW + Standard Length/Loft/Lie. S300 Shafts and Standard Grips. Never touched grass, dirt, any outside terrain of any kind. Only used them on my indoor setup. As mint and "used" can be. $725 Shipping Included Full Album - https://imgur.com/a/gcrLwG SOLD SOLD SOLD
  16. The "Designed by AI" isn't stamped on the club face itself , it's on the wrapper since this is still new in wrapping, same way previous Callaways were wrapped.
  17. I got a Fiberbuilt off of Costco website. Best mat out there and lifetime return at costco
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