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    Trust Golf Balls

    I ended up buying a box off Amazon for $25 with an old gift card. I purchased the Bison X for 100-110mph swing speed. ***Let's talk about the Feel*** Advertised as "medium" firmness but man these things felt firm. Audible click with all clubs. I didn't mind it so much with the driver, irons and wedges but it really bothered me with putting. I play a Evnroll ER8 and it didn't have the buttery soft feel I'm used to. ***Let's talk about the Cover*** The cover feels hard in hand. If you look closely at it, the cover almost looks like it sparkles. I had a good round today and played only 1 ball through all 18. Durability was decent, no complaints about cover durability from me. ***Let's talk about performance*** Ball flight seemed a tad higher than I usually have but not crazy, out of the norm high. The ball grabbed and checked up on the greens on full approach and chips way better than I expected them to, especially considering how they feel. I actually kept coming up short because they just felt like they would roll out more than other balls but that wasn't the case. Once I started to trust they wouldn't excessively roll out, I started to get much closer to the pin. I feel like they may be a shorter, like 5 yards shorter across all clubs but I kept all balls in play so I'll take it. I could shape them with no issues. I like to play a fade with the driver and draw with my irons and wedges and that was the shape I had all day. They may have actually played straighter than usual but that could have just been a good day swinging. Didn't have any unexpected offline shots to make me think quality control is a big issue. Overall if I could get over the feel when putting I could game these. Maybe I'll try the softer model next and see how they play and feel Pictures Trust Golf Balls https://imgur.com/a/LGyc46I
  2. Jaygord

    Trust Golf Balls

    Anyone ever try Trust bison golf balls? https://www.kerichem.com/ They make 4 different balls for different swing speeds and they are all Urethane covers. Curious about them, I inquired about a variety pack consisting of 3 balls of each model to try, waiting to hear back from them
  3. I live in Northeast PA and play multiple times a week, let me know
  4. Jason - Emmaus, PA 113-115mph driver swing speed Current Ball is between proV1 and project (a) I actually just played a round today trying out Snell MTB black for the first time
  5. Jaygord

    Matte Red

    I'm also in love with the superhot bold red. Have you noticed that the superhot bolds cover feels really tacky, like rubber compared to normal white Superhot. I normally play urethane balls but lately been fighting a snap hook so decided to buy something cheaper until I straighten out the hook. I bought the superhot Bolds at Walmart and I'm falling in love with them. I think after I use up my 16 dozen proVs, Chromesofts, Bridgestones, snells and tp5s, Superhot bolds might be my go to
  6. I have a lot of putters. I love putters, I collect them. I travel for work and finished at a customer early that was near a PGA Superstore. I spent 6 hours in the store hitting every putter in there. I kept gravitating back to the Evenroll. Ball dispersion and distance was just so damn consistent compared to every thing else. The feel off the face, just wow. Since June 14th, 2018, I have owned the 34" ER8. I'm a stats fanatic, I track everything. I reset all my stats every year. My average putts per hole per year; 2016 = 2.0 2017 = 1.9 2018 = 1.8 (Evnroll purchased half way through season) 2019 = 1.6 (18 rounds so far) Love it
  7. Anyone use Power Stick swing trainer. I like that it is a lag/tempo/grip trainer all in one. I really don't have an issue with lag but at times my tempo and grip go whacky and think this could help reel them back in when it happens
  8. where is the list of winners announced? I can't find it................. Nevermind
  9. Jason Gordienko, Emmaus, PA - 50 to 100 rounds (depending on weather) Twitter & Snapchat Handicap 8, 115 mph Driver Swing Speed All Taylormade Clubs except putter, clubs listed below; Driver = 2016 M1 10.5* to lowest position w/ Aldila tour green 65 X-stiff Shaft Driving Iron = p790 UDI 2 iron Irons = p770 4-PW Wedges = MillGrind 52* & 54* and HiToe 60* P Putter= Evnroll ER8 Putter 5. One Length Irons (I have been considering getting a fitting for these soon)
  10. 1. Jason - Pennsylvania 2. 7 Handicap - 115mph Swing Speed 3. 2016 Taylormade M1 460 - Aldila Tour Green X-Stiff Shaft 4. Would like to review the Epic Flash
  11. Jason Emmaus, Pennsylvania 2016 Taylormade M1 10.5 Degree/ Shaft is Fujikura pro 60 105-108 mph swing speed / Carry of 260 - 265 yards 10.7 Handicap
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