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  1. 1. Ian, Sheffield, England. Around 40 rounds per year plus twilight 9s through the summer. 2. Manacee on Twitter 3. Currently CONGU 14.3. Driver swing speed around the 103 mph mark. 4. Current set: Driver - Cobra F8 - 60g Aldila NV Blue - stock stiff 3w - Cobra F8 - 70g Aldila NV Blue - stock stiff 3 Hybrid - Cobra F7 - Fujikura stock stiff Irons (5-GW) - Cobra F9 - KBS Tour 90 - Stock stiff Wedges - 2 Callaway Forged MD3 and a Callaway PM Grind lob Putter - PING Sigma G Shea H I also have a Cobra One Length Utility 3/4 iron set at 18* that goes back in the bag in summer - Again stock stiff shaft option UST Mamiya Recoil Smacwrap. Despite being a Cobra convert I’m still rocking a Callaway bag. 5. Desired set: Driver - F9 3w - F9 5w - F9 3/4 F9 Hybrid or Utility iron or F9 set 4 Irons - F9 (5-GW) King wedges 54*, 58*. Not sure on bounce but probably versatile. Black and green cart bag. Good luck with this everyone.
  2. The Recovery ones seem like an interesting idea. They’d be great. Thanks.
  3. 60 total. Reminds of the joke - I’ve got 57 sheep. Can you round them up for me please? Yes, 60.
  4. Looking at testing the new F9 One Lengths in the next week or so. Talking of tinkering I’m thinking of getting them at 5 iron length and varying the length at which I play them but can’t find anyone who doesn’t think I’m bonkers!
  5. All 7 iron length but variable lie angle which is a bit odd. More upright for the longer irons and flatter for the shorter. Effectively like the spokes of a wheel if the hub was the ball. Not sure what this does to the one swing, one spine angle etc claims? That said I don’t think Cobra have said this since the F7 irons (could be wrong). Still, less adjustments than variable length. Perhaps the variable lie angle would make the transition to one length easier?
  6. I’m in the market for new irons and have been toying with the idea of F9 One Lengths but at 5 iron length i.e. 1.25″ longer than stock. Due to the parameter of length being constant and head weights varying more than variable lengths I would expect One Length irons to be more effected by the effects of choking. Rather than choking down my thought is that choking up would give a similar length shot at a steeper descent angle i.e. rather than a stock OL 5 iron playing a slightly longer (choked up) 6 iron. So I have two lengths. Stock gives me the flatter long irons to go under wind or at more generous pins while the choked up iron length allows me to hit a shorter club the same distance but come in steeper. My thought is it gives me two options with the same swing. I assume there will be a choke length that gives the same distance, as per the previous example a stock 5 iron versus a choked up 6 iron and possibly for someone capable of an even more consistent strike this could be modified slightly to reduce the gapping variation i.e. instead of say 10-12 yards between clubs he alters the choke to bring his gapping down to 5-6 yards so he effectively carries two irons per iron i.e. 5i, 5i stock, 6i, 6i stock etc. I appreciate that choking down on variable length clubs has always been ‘a thing’ but like I said, I’d think One Length would be more sensitive to this and the idea kind of flips it on it’s head. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as it’s an idea that needs bouncing off someone who’d know. It might be right but it might be utter nonsense as well.
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