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  1. It's okay to play the blades. just hit them in the middle of the face. if not don't play for money. That and the people you play with will use a 9 iron and you'll need to use a 6 iron. I can it a ball on the toe and only be 10 yards short still straight , A blade will never ever do that. but it does feel good if you do hit it in the middle of the face.1 out of 6 times.
  2. Callaway Big Bertha B21 3 wood you'll thank me later
  3. It's not a Ping, it's a driver that looks like a Ping on the outside, and the word Ping on the head. It will not perform like a REAL Ping. driver. He should of bought a used Ping or a lower price brand . It's not a knockoff it's rip off . I bet he uses range ball too. .
  4. I work with a guy who order the same mix set with fitted for him steel shafts. That was in October three weeks ago (5 months ) he received them but not with the shafts he ordered. What they told him was they didn't know when the shafts he order would come in. He had them put in a different shaft or it could be May or June. So much for custom fitting and Taylormades customer service or lack of.
  5. You can stay with the old tech, but you're giving up 15 to 20 yards on miss hits . Today drives you can hit them all over the face and still be in play and about the same distance as a center hit. No one is making you give up your driver, so I don't understand the question. I don't miss any of my old drivers other then Callaway Diablo and if I want to, I can go on Ebay and get one for $75 in great condition .but I'll stick with my Rogue .
  6. 50* Callaway Steelhead XR 54* Titleist Vokey SM6,M grind 8 58* Titleist Vokey SM6 S grind 10 I like the 58* for high lob shots around the green and full 70 yards fairways shots. It's great for flop shots My 54* sand wedge is my go to club for tight lies or short firm grass. It a beast from the sand The 50* I got rid of my Vokey for a matching club of my Steelhead Irons with a steel wedge flex shaft. I hit it better then my Vokey from 90 yards when hitting a full shot and use it for off the green runners.
  7. Scott Thompsons Station TN Pro V I have bought this ball before They had a deal on the Gamer ($35 ) for two dozen in warm weather the Prov is a better ball on hard greens but in cool weather I like the gamer better. I get better carry and higher launch with not much roll out. Top Rock has had a bad rap over the years but this ball is truly a GAMER
  8. Scott Thompsons station TN Callaway XR Speed 10.5 10 92 TSi2
  9. Scott Thompsons Station TN 5 foot mat about a 10 on stimpmeter in my garage Never owned one 10-11
  10. Scott / SpringHill Tennessee 4 or 5 times a week on a flat mat for 10 minutes 1 or 2 The visual feedback and I can do it indoors
  11. Scott Thompsons Station .Tennessee 10 Callaway XR SteelHead 5 thur Gap / Volkey Wedges T 200
  12. Scott Tennessee 10 25^ 28^.callaway & sometimes a reshafted cobra 34*
  13. Scott Tennessee 10 Callaway XR Steelhead 138
  14. Scott Tennessee Garmin watch It;s best thing to happen in golf since metal woods , Before it was always a guess even with stakes and sprinkler heads . I believe the right yardage can save you 4 to 5 storks a round. I work at KingsCreek Golf Course and play when ever the weather allows.
  15. Scott Tennessee garment range finder watch I love anything to help me play better Ranger finder are more important then the latest or greatest driver or Irons
  16. scott Tennessee odyssey putters sabertooth Elevado Slant Neck
  17. sopranosly


    pretty cool and it doubles as a cat cave
  18. Scott Tennessee 93 to 95 Pro V1 or Callaway Chrome soft Tour X
  19. Scott Sliger Thompsons Station TN 50 rounds or more Facebook 9 hdcp 93 Callaway XR 16 Driver, GBB 5 wood , Heaven wood, 9 wood Cobra DWS, 26, 29,32 loft, Callaway Steealhead XR Irons 6 thur PW Titleist Volkey SM 50 F, 54 M Ultralite Stand ,F9 Irons conventional , King Wedges Work at a golf course for access to free golf
  20. Scott TN 9 hdcp 93mpg XR16 Callaway G410 SFT Work at a golf course for the love of the game the people you meet and free golf. The temp is 50 ( the high ) the winds are out of the north 15mpg but you still get the hard core players. My kind of people .
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