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  1. I love new clubs I'm a buyer of new two years old drivers and fairway woods. I just bought a new Callaway Rogue driver this year. I'd love trying new tech for once.
  2. I love my Oddessy Sabortooth BUT i never tried a Evnroll . I judge a putter on four foot putts you need to make 9 out of 10 from that range and the one miss is because it was a big down hill bender
  3. Scott Thompsons Station TN Pro V I have bought this ball before They had a deal on the Gamer ($35 ) for two dozen in warm weather the Prov is a better ball on hard greens but in cool weather I like the gamer better. I get better carry and higher launch with not much roll out. Top Rock has had a bad rap over the years but this ball is truly a GAMER
  4. Scott Thompsons station TN Callaway XR Speed 10.5 10 92 TSi2
  5. Scott Thompsons Station TN 5 foot mat about a 10 on stimpmeter in my garage Never owned one 10-11
  6. Scott / SpringHill Tennessee 4 or 5 times a week on a flat mat for 10 minutes 1 or 2 The visual feedback and I can do it indoors
  7. Scott Thompsons Station .Tennessee 10 Callaway XR SteelHead 5 thur Gap / Volkey Wedges T 200
  8. Scott Tennessee 10 25^ 28^.callaway & sometimes a reshafted cobra 34*
  9. Scott Tennessee 10 Callaway XR Steelhead 138
  10. Scott Tennessee Garmin watch It;s best thing to happen in golf since metal woods , Before it was always a guess even with stakes and sprinkler heads . I believe the right yardage can save you 4 to 5 storks a round. I work at KingsCreek Golf Course and play when ever the weather allows.
  11. Scott Tennessee garment range finder watch I love anything to help me play better Ranger finder are more important then the latest or greatest driver or Irons
  12. scott Tennessee odyssey putters sabertooth Elevado Slant Neck
  13. sopranosly


    pretty cool and it doubles as a cat cave
  14. Scott Tennessee 93 to 95 Pro V1 or Callaway Chrome soft Tour X
  15. Scott Sliger Thompsons Station TN 50 rounds or more Facebook 9 hdcp 93 Callaway XR 16 Driver, GBB 5 wood , Heaven wood, 9 wood Cobra DWS, 26, 29,32 loft, Callaway Steealhead XR Irons 6 thur PW Titleist Volkey SM 50 F, 54 M Ultralite Stand ,F9 Irons conventional , King Wedges Work at a golf course for access to free golf
  16. Scott TN 9 hdcp 93mpg XR16 Callaway G410 SFT Work at a golf course for the love of the game the people you meet and free golf. The temp is 50 ( the high ) the winds are out of the north 15mpg but you still get the hard core players. My kind of people .
  17. Scott Thompsons Station / TN 9 handicap Volkey sm6 46f /50f /54m Would like to try a 48/54/58 because my new set of irons have stronger lofts and my gaping distance has changed I'm retired work at a golf course ( Kings Creek ) part time and have access to the course 7 days a week , Nothing like free golf to lower the handicap my goal is to be a 5 by the end of the year
  18. Scott Tennessee Ashland Jacket and have a dry shirt with a towel in my bag I have two... a TN downpour that didn't stop for 45 minutes on a clear day before and after the downpour even in the cart I did have a dry stop on me and couldn't finish the greens were puddled good news it was 95 Michigan in May rain turned into snow with a a 15 degree drop temp and it wasn't that warm when we started, but we finished the round and played 18 more.
  19. I've tried allot of sun glasses not one ever felt right maybe the( BIg Shot ) could be the one, Callaway XR16 Driver Callaway GGB fairway woods 5,7,9 Kuro Gage Cobra Hybrid dws 29,32 Callaway Steelhead XR 6 thur P Titles Volkey sm 50m 54f Odyssey white hot tour rossie
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