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  1. Scott

    Thompsons Station TN

    Pro V

    I have bought this ball before

    They had a deal on the Gamer ($35 )  for two dozen in warm weather the Prov

    is a better ball on hard greens but in cool weather I like the gamer better. I get better carry and higher launch with not much roll out. Top Rock has had a bad rap over the years but this ball is truly a GAMER

    1. Scott Sliger Thompsons Station TN  50 rounds or more
    2. Facebook 
    3. 9 hdcp 93
    4. Callaway XR 16 Driver, GBB 5 wood , Heaven wood, 9 wood
    5. Cobra DWS, 26, 29,32 loft, Callaway Steealhead XR Irons 6 thur PW
    6. Titleist Volkey SM 50 F, 54 M 
    7. Ultralite Stand ,F9 Irons conventional , King Wedges
    8. Work at a golf course for access to free golf 
  2. Scott  Thompsons Station / TN

    9 handicap  

    Volkey sm6 46f /50f /54m

    Would like to try a 48/54/58 because my new set of irons have 

    stronger lofts and my gaping distance has changed 

    I'm retired work at a golf course ( Kings Creek ) part time and have 

    access to the course 7 days a week , Nothing like free golf to lower

    the handicap my goal is to be a 5 by the end of the year

  3. Scott Tennessee

    Ashland Jacket and have a dry shirt with a towel in my bag

    I have two... a TN downpour that didn't stop for 45 minutes

    on a clear day before and after the downpour even in the cart

    I did have a dry stop on me and couldn't finish the

    greens were puddled good news it was 95

    Michigan in May rain turned into snow with a a 15 degree 

    drop temp and it wasn't that warm when we started, but 

    we finished the round and played 18 more.

  4. I always wonder how far today's young guns would fare using wood headed ( Wilson Staff ) drivers and fairway woods that were about the same size as 2019 hybrid or smaller not to mention the balls from yesteryear , My question is how far could they hit them persimmon woods 270 to 280 carry for the big hitter and shorter for the rest . The Irons is a different story I bet they would hit them about the same distance using today's ball . 

  5. On 10/6/2018 at 7:15 AM, RalphEzell said:

    Wow, congratulations the shoes are looking awesome.

    I hope your shoes feel nice but one size to small

    I've been play golf since I've been small

    I wish you luck and your blisters are very small 

    I just once can win something other then a sleeve of balls

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