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  1. scott thompsons station TN Handicap 10 odyssey tour ice
  2. scott tennessee hdc 10 odyssey white hot rossie tour
  3. I do play to the rules of golf for one reason only if I happen to shoot a great round I want it to be real, not a product of gimme's, roll the ball to get a better lie ( yes I spelled it that way for a reason ) stroke and distance for a lost ball, If all are in agreement on the first tee what is a rule then it's a rule because ( ALL AGREED ) I don't have the time to hit balls before a round and I don't have marshals lining the course to help with errant shot like to pro's if they had to find there own balls with no outside help scores would be higher. Back to the point, why I play by the rule
  4. Scott Thompsons Station TN 9 hdc Titlest Volkey SM6 54M/ 50F/ 46/F Wedge Flex Callaway Edge 6/7/8/9/ Steel Step 85 shafts Reg. i210
  5. scott tennessee 60 years old 8.7 hdc Titliest Volkey SM6 M/f/f wedges 54/50/48 Callaway edge 9/8/7 steel step shaft 85 Cobra hybrid 6/5
  6. Dustin Johnson Paul Casey Lee Westwood Charley Hoffman Keegan Bradley Winning Score -8
  7. KingsCreek In Spring hill TN On the back 9 it has back to back par 5s hole 17 & 16 on this wonderful day I had back to back eagles using my Volkey 6sm 48 degree M grind first was from 96 yard the next was 20 yards I did shoot 71
  8. Oh please I always wanted a range finder just the cost is to much for me . I CAN PLAY 12 to 15 rounds of golf for what a great range finder cost..please please please
  9. Scott S Thompsons station TN Callaway edge reg step shaft steel 140 yrd carry
  10. Scott from Tennessee Callaway XR with a Kuro Kage Tini Reg.shaft 90 to 93 and a 8 hdc 12.5 loft right hand with a shaft MCA KURO KAGE SILVER TINI DUAL CORE Looking for a fairway hitter distance is a bonus but forgiveness and accuracy is what I;m looking for.
  11. scott Tennessee / USA I haven't used a performance tracker No watch but a app on my phone the app is golf logix I try to play at least twice a week and score between 76 to 82 knowing the front back and middle of the green is so important and how far each club carry's is just as important. If this product can give a edge why not give it a try because a new drive or set of iron is just for show
  12. scott/ Thompsons station / TN Vokey 6SM 48 F 8* bounce 52F/ 12* bounce 54M/ 8* bounce Strengths: full shots from 100 //80//70 yards Ten to twenty yard sand shots soft & hard sand weakness hard pan 10 yards or less 8hdc I love my Vokeys Did play Hogan GCD irons for 12 years Had back to back eagle use my 48* from 96 yards and 10 yards both par 5s yippy
  13. Pick me pick me, I'm using a Callaway XR 12* adjustable Kuro Kage TiNi 50 regular shaft for two years swing speed 88 to 92 with a 210 carry. 8.5 hdc . The Cleveland driver sounds like it was designed for a swing speed like mine. Living in Tennessee you can play almost year round.I always play at least once a iwice in the winter months Jan & Feb
  14. Yesterday was a first for me back to back eagles both are par 5 first pitching wedge from 96 yards the next hole 20 yards off the green with the same Volky SM6 48* 12 bounce, shot a 71 yippy

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