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  1. Best feeling for me is visualizing the shot and executing. I play blades so I know when I hit it right and pure. I’ve had plenty of memorable shots but I have to give a shout out to my pops for best shot. My dad has had numerous shoulder surgeries to the point of having hours shoulder reconstructed with cadaver ligaments and tissue. The doctors weren’t sure if he’d ever golf again. He has always struggled with getting a ball in the air but after some lessons, that was no longer a worry. 182 yard par 3 for him. Ranger pulls up as we are on the tee and stops to watch his and my sisters tee balls. He proceeds to hit a beautiful baby draw directly at the flag. Hits the green and rolls right into the cup. Everyone screams and yells. That hug made every good shot I’ve hit seem none important. The ranger came back a little bit later with a couple of beers s as a congrats to him. The ball and picture of him and the 3 of us hangs in his den and I catch him looking at it all the time.
  2. A little 8 iron bump and run towards the palm tree. Let the grain and gravity take care of the rest.
  3. Done all them but the best is dunking a shot. You can play it off as if you meant to do it, all while knowing that if you didn’t you were looking at that 40 foot par saving putt.
  4. If it had to be famous golfers, it would be Arnie, Jack and Tiger. Realistically, my dad, sister and my daughter (pending she wantsto golf when she getsa little older).
  5. I usually golf with my dad and sister so there is always conversation going on. If with friends, we talk to catch up but are quiet from time to time.
  6. I usually golf with my dad and sister so there is always conversation going on. If with friends, we talk to catch up but are quiet from time to time.
  7. Caddyshack and The Greatest Game Ever Played.
  8. Caddyshack and The Greatest Game Ever Played.
  9. I’m a dog person but I would have no issue with it. In fact, I would go turn my key to the cart back in and enjoy the walk with you. A simple conversation with playing partners would enough. Seeing how the dog is while on the course will hopefully show them things are going to be ok. Service animals serve a valid purpose and ideas in the world are ever changing. Hopefully your playing partners have open minds.
  10. Alright, I’m chiming in with 2 gems. First one, playing a 2 man scramble with my sisters ex husband, they were still married at the time. Hole 2, a 162 yard par 3. Had been hitting the ball well all summer. Pull a 9 iron and proceed to blade the daylights out of a pretty Pro-V1x directly at the pin. It hits towards the top of the stick with a loud thud. The flag then decides to turn into a catapult and launch the ball back about 60 yards. Chip to about 10 feet and proceed to 3 putt. Thankfully he birdied the hole. Sexond one, at a local course playing with my dad and sister. Hole 1 runs parallel to the range with telephone poles and netting in between. I proceed to crush my drive into the first pole on the range and send the ball soaring back into the parking lot 50 yards behind the tee box. To throw salt into the wound, the ball lands in the bed of my truck. My dad without missing a beat says the rule says you must play the ball as it lies. Add this gem. Playing the Love course at Barefoot in Myrtle. Driving with my sister, mom driving dad in the second cart. Get to the tee on 11, gigantic house line the hole. My mom, not paying attention to where she is driving, slams full speed into the back of my sister and my golf cart sending our clubs skyward like a scene from Caddyshack. We still laugh about it to this day, it happened almost 20 years ago.
  11. That putter was my first intro to Scotty Cameron. My uncle has one that I rolled a few with and fell in love with it. Gaming a 2014 Studio Select but am jealous of your find.
  12. Tom from Ohio currently game a Diamana D+ X flex Swing speed is 111-115 A shaft that gives me confidence to work the ball off the tee if needed but also the confidence to let one fly when I need to carry a fairway bunker. Have regular access to launch monitors at several ranges and a few courses.
  13. Played the HB in the past and loved it. Curious to see how this one performs. Tom from Ohio Titleist 915D2 with a Diamana Whiteboard 72X 120 SS/ 305 carry 2.2 Handicap
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