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  1. Scott, Westland MI Nike VR Forged Wedges like to try a 54* or 56*
  2. Scott Westland, MI desire to test 460 swing speed around 100-105 currently Playing: Nike Covert 2.0
  3. I go driver, 3w, 5w and I have a 7 wood that is my go to for anything 170-185. Only club I could hit when I first started so learned how to be versatile with it.
  4. My family has a place on the west side of the state. Beautiful courses there.
  5. I play the Nike VR Forged black oxide wedges. Currently have a 52*, 56* and 60*. For some reason can't hit the 52* very well (think it's mental at this point). The 56 is my go to for anything within 100 yards. I keep the 60* in the bag because its great for nice little, easy shots around 30 yards. Gets me close every-time.
  6. Helped my dad buy a new set of Callaway Steelhead irons and a new Callaway XR Driver. He was much needed for an upgrade
  7. Hello all, First time posting on here. Just found the site and love it. I'm going to be moving from Arizona to Michigan. Still want to be able to play and keep my swing fresh in the winter. Just wondering if anybody has ever used a simulator and what was the experience like? Is it realistic and fun enough to go to or possibly buy one?
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