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  1. Ping traveler/ping Hoofer Thee wheel Pull cart 2018 Epic w/Hazardous stiff 2017 M2 3 fairway stiff Cobra F7 4/5 fairway F8 one length steel stiff 5 - LW Scotty Cameron futura 5.5 putter For the past couple of years I’ve been buying and selling drivers, irons and wedges to see what fit. As soon as I finally figured it out I lost 5 - 10 strokes and now staying on the downward slope with my scores. I’m loving it Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Mike - Hawaii Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5 Bettinardi - Pure artisanal beauty of the highest standard.
  3. 1. Mike / Hawaii 2. 22 handycap/94 - 103 club speed 3. Callaway Epic 4. G410 Plus
  4. 1. Mike Kapolei Hawaii 2. 22 3. Vokey SM6 f grinds 4. 52/56/60 similar grinds if positions Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. M2 3 wood Straight and long Favorite wood ever used Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Mike Kapolei,Hawaii 20.2 Standard lie Titleist 704 cb steel shaft i500
  7. Beautiful Irons Mike Hawaii/Kapolei 46. 21.8 handicap Titleist 704 cb. True Temper steel
  8. I hit Pings since the early nineties I'm glad to hear great thing when it comes to costumer service if I need anything. Now days with a lot of transactions being on the internet just about all companies really need to be customer friendly and customer service should always be a number 1 priority.
  9. That pleasing to the eye, I would love to try it. The face looks like it could get the ball rolling.
  10. I don't mind saving up for what I want (6k is a lot) but I still need a good place with enough room where I can keep something set up. Every time I set up my net I have to take it down when I'm done.
  11. As soon as I was able I purchased my Hoofer I mean I like to walk but sometimes I like to use my traverse and pull cart but for nine I really love my Hoofer
  12. My hands get super sweaty as well but since I live in the islands I've always kept a terry cloth hand towel with me and I also have cord grips form my clubs.
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