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  1. Apparently they no longer produce golf bags per website.
  2. take the glove off between shots; switch to an artificial leather glove when it gets hot and muggy. Live in KC, this process works for me.
  3. I have what is probably a preprod model of the Rossie 1 that Brad Adams gave to me while he was out on the senior tour in '94.....never letting go of it!
  4. What did they have more stock of?
  5. Story from back in the day...Faldo was hitting new clubs with Rifle shafts with Barney Adams by his side. Nick kept going back to one club, as he wasn't hitting it like he thought he should.....tell's Barney "this isn't a 6.0 (forgot the actual flex) shaft, it's not tight enough". Barney was sure that it was, took the club back and had the shaft tested, it was .5 off of the flex that he was using. That's how tight a tolerance these guys play with.
  6. I try to walk 9 holes twice a week...our course has 27 holes, I work 4 days a week, and on one 9 we can walk those holes in the mornings...otherwise, the course requires us to ride......honeydos prevent me from walking 3 days a week!
  7. I use the Garmin Approach Z82 which has a map imbedded in the view finder, along with the distance to the flag; it has the best of both worlds. The map you would normally see on a GPS device, either a watch or handheld.
  8. I walk when I can; artificial knee and all. Would love an "R2D2" to follow me around on the course!
  9. Name and Location How do you currently get your yardages? How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? Marine Joe (Joe Kipper) multiple Garmin devices A tendency to slow down play if people do not know how to operate the device, otherwise, speeds up golf greatly
  10. First name/home state or province Joe/Ks Current driver/shaft combo Callaway GBB stiff Swing speed/handicap 95/04 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft 9.5/stiff Would love to test a Mizzy driver!
  11. 1. Your first name and home state or province Joe Kipper 2. Your current irons/shafts (flex and brand) Hogan Apex plus apex 3 3. Your current handicap 4 4. Your preferred irons to test (visit the Cleveland Golf Website to check out the details) Cleveland CBX
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