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  1. Jeff Gelb/Ave Maria, FL I practice putting 2-3 days/week for about 30 minutes/day I average 1-2 3 putts/round Recently, I've been using a simulator and found I have problems with both a closed clubface and an inside out path. It would be great to have a similar system at home to use whenever I want.
  2. Jeff Florida Tommy Armour Infusion 35" Frontline ISO Slant Neck
  3. Jeff / Florida Handicap = 5.1 Current irons in Play - Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 155
  4. seraphimskg10


  5. Jeff/Florida 6 Cleveland RTX-3 Love the 10 yard chip uphill from just off the front of the green...
  6. Jeff Ave Maria Currently use a combination of GPS golf watch and rangefinder for measuring distance. Garmin G6 and Bushnell Tour Z6...
  7. Jeff/Florida 6.0/100 Kirkland/Dixon I have played former iterations of Z Star.
  8. Jeff / Florida Odyssey Red 2 Ball Right hand I've been struggling with my putting. I've tried many different style putters but each time I pick up the TA Impact it just feels good. Then after reading MGS reviews the past 2 years, I need to put this putter in the bag...
  9. Jeff Gelb, Naples FL, 125+ Rounds/year Social Media: FB = facebook.com/gelbjeff Instagram = seraphimskg Twitter = @jeffgelb 6.3 Index Driver Swing Speed between 98-102mph Current Set: Driver: Cobra - F7 S Fairway: Callaway XHot 3W Speeder 565 White R Hybrids: Callaway Big Bertha 3 & 4 Speeder 565 White R Irons: Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal 4-AW Putter: Odyssey O‘Works Red 2 Ball Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 56 & 60 +1 Grips: Golf Pride Midsize Desired Cobra Set Driver: Tour Length F9 Speedback Fairway: F9 Speedback 3W & 5W Irons: KING F9 Conventional Set - 4-AW Modus3 Tour 105 Steel S (+1 over; 1 flat) Wedges: Rick Fowler Tour Experience Wedge 56 & 60 (+1 over; 1 flat)
  10. Jeff Florida 6.0 105mph Cobra F7 G410 Plus
  11.  1. Jeff Ave Maria FL 2. 6.5 3. Cleveland RTX-3 (56/60) 4. 52/56/60
  12. First name/home state or province Jeff Florida Current rain gear FJ pullover and mix rain paints all in sad need of replacement. Worst rain you've ever played in: Talega Golf Club (San Clemente CA). Rain was puddling on the greens...only made it through 14 holes before some of cart paths were unpassable and golf ball rooster tails on the greens looked like a hydroplaning speed boat...
  13. Welcome to MGS Theoantiks! Keep it moving up there North of the Border! Enjoy!
  14. Catch the bug Keegan...welcome to MGS!!
  15. Jeff Florida 3.7 Callaway Xhot Pro - 5.5 Project X Steel Shaft +1" over 2 degrees flat. Golf Pride CP2 Midsize Grip PING choice - i500 1" over 2 degrees flat Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 105 shaft w/ midsize grip
  16. Jeff / Ave Maria FL 56 / 4.2 Callaway XHot Pro 5-AW 6.0 Steel Shaft 1" Over - 2 Flat
  17. First Name/State Jeff/ FL Your current wedges (OEM/lofts) - 1" Over Midsize Grip 50 Callaway X Hot Pro AW 56-9/60-8 Cleveland RTX-3 Your desired set/lofts 52/56/60 1" over. Midsize Grip
  18. Thanks for the welcome. How do I add "what's in the bag"? Is it just added as a signature?
  19. Your first name and home state/province Jeff Florida - What do you use currently to measure distance? Garmin S3
  20. Hang in there...it will come back..welcome to the forum from Naples FL
  21. Recently retired and exchanged one West Coast (the OC) for another West Coast (Naples FL). Playing out of Panther Run Golf Course carrying a 6.0 index. Getting the chance to work on my game...looking forward to spending more time in these forums...
  22. - Jeff - FL - Callaway X-Hot Pro - 6.0 Project X, 1" over; 2 flat; midsize Golf Pride grips - 160
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