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    Cobra F8+ with Aldila NV 2KXV Green 65g stiff shaft
    Callaway 13 degree Diablo 3 wood stiff shaft
    Tour Edge Exotics #3 19 degree rescue
    Mizuno 919 forged irons 4-GW with Nippon N.S. Pro 950 shafts stiff
    Wilson Staff SW 54 degree wedge
    Solus 56 degree sand wedge
    RIFE ENZO cut down to 32" with SUPERSTROKE SLIM 2.0 putter grip
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  1. Michael Miami, FL Srixon Q-Star Tour/ Z-Star XV Played the Top-Flite Magna along with the Top-Flite Strata golf balls. They were not the rocks that the XLs were. I played the Strata for probably 5-6 years as it was an affordable option to the Titleist golf balls and way more durable than the balatas.
  2. Michael Miami, FL Do not currently us a net Would love to add to my backyard.
  3. Michael Miami, FL RH 3 wood stiff or hybrid stiff 6.4 USGA yes have hybrid currently
  4. Michael, Miami FL Will practice putt on my carpet, winter doesn't really effect us here in Miami. i have a Putt Butt. i would say medium/fast for speed as the greens normally run pretty quick where i play.
  5. Michael | Miami, FL| USA Rife Enzo 32.5" Anser 2
  6. Michael /Miami, FL USGA Index 6.4 Adams xtd A-tour irons
  7. Michael Miami, FL Cleveland CBX 50/11and Wilson TW9 54/10 54 degree
  8. Michael- Miami, FL use a GPS watch currently Garmin Vivoactive HR along with Arcos Garmin watch
  9. 6.9 USGA Miami, FL Adams A-Tour irons 8 iron is 140-155 direct to consumer company been around a few years have looked at their irons a few times as they were rated decently.
  10. I live in South FL, our courses have been closed for 2-3 weeks has anyone else experienced this during the pandemic. Our local track had to rope off the course as people were treating it like a public park. I know most of the state of FL golf courses are still open as social distancing is rather easy in golf any other experiences out there like this?
  11. gualandi99

    Srixon Z-Stars

    I can't bring myself to play a colored golf ball, the closest i can go is the truvis pattern and even then i prefer white still. I am sure it is all mental but White is still what a golf ball should be.
  12. I believe Srixon may be the #1 performing ball out there, their entire lineup is high quality. I think you will see more and more people shift from Callaway, and Titleist to Srixon in the coming years. I think moving through the level of balls the Srixon perform equal or better than Titleist balls and generally are 10-20% less in cost.
  13. i have played Cut and they perform better than expected for the money, i like the 4 piece which i think was the gray, only issue was the cover durability so if they truly have fixed that this is a great ball option in my opinion. The one issue i had was flight with wedges as they tend not to fly as far for some reason, the mygolfspy test indicTed that as well. I will be interested to see if this is fixed.
  14. Titleist has superior quality control to others but i find their balls overpriced vs Srixon and others.
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