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    Cobra F8+ with Aldila NV 2KXV Green 65g stiff shaft
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  1. I live in South FL, our courses have been closed for 2-3 weeks has anyone else experienced this during the pandemic. Our local track had to rope off the course as people were treating it like a public park. I know most of the state of FL golf courses are still open as social distancing is rather easy in golf any other experiences out there like this?
  2. gualandi99

    Srixon Z-Stars

    I can't bring myself to play a colored golf ball, the closest i can go is the truvis pattern and even then i prefer white still. I am sure it is all mental but White is still what a golf ball should be.
  3. I believe Srixon may be the #1 performing ball out there, their entire lineup is high quality. I think you will see more and more people shift from Callaway, and Titleist to Srixon in the coming years. I think moving through the level of balls the Srixon perform equal or better than Titleist balls and generally are 10-20% less in cost.
  4. i have played Cut and they perform better than expected for the money, i like the 4 piece which i think was the gray, only issue was the cover durability so if they truly have fixed that this is a great ball option in my opinion. The one issue i had was flight with wedges as they tend not to fly as far for some reason, the mygolfspy test indicTed that as well. I will be interested to see if this is fixed.
  5. Titleist has superior quality control to others but i find their balls overpriced vs Srixon and others.
  6. For my money this is the best ball out there with sites selling these for less than $20, this ball seems to cut through the wind better than just about any ball i have ever played. I have been playing this for about 6 months now consistently and they perform as well as the Pro V1x as far as spin stopping power on greens, and i believe they fly farther. i am a single digit handicap and for many players out there this ball is more than adequate. The average golfer spending $40-50 per dozen golf balls are just wasting their money as they do not get all the benefits of that premier level ball. Best site for the Q-Star tour is www.hurricanegolf.com as they sell out of box for less than $20 and had ones in a box on promo recently as well.
  7. I was unaware that Titliest reversed these, is that really true? If that is the case then most of the PGA players must have switched balls.
  8. I haven't carried a 5 wood for 15+ years, the ease of hitting a hybrid and the ability to get them to land softly makes more sense to me. I carry a 19 degree and a 23 degree hybrid with my 3 wood being 13 degree. I think some people do not undertand the ease of hitting a hybrid vs a longer wood.
  9. For the money I still think the best deal out there is Mastergrip golf gloves, you get cabretta leather gloves for $7 or less. www.mggolf.com
  10. Michael Miami, FL 9.0 USGA Adams XTD A-Tour irons T-100
  11. Michael Gualandi Miami, FL yes i use a line draw it manually no template sharpie in blue Srixon Q-Star tour Blue Line MCG
  12. Michael Gualandi Miami, FL swing speed 105-110mph current ball cut blue or Oncore Elixr Tour X
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