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  1. that was the point of the post, and trust me I am no bot, to inform others of a quality ball at a good price if you don't want to participate then just skip on by no need to post your stupidity. Glad others have tried the ball and others will try the ball I have no investment in it other than letting other people know about it and the quality. thanks Michael
  2. What the hell are you talking about?
  3. the issue with the Kirkland is spin still, I have played them as well as the others you have listed, the Trust ball still out performs them and the value is great.
  4. You may want to try these I have played the Maxfli ball as well but these are still $5 less than that and are a quality performance ball.
  5. I chose the X because I realize despite being a decent player I still benefit from the game improvement iron. I think they would give me better feel than the Cobra irons I have today. Michael - Miami, FL playing Cobra F9 speed zone irons currently current GHIN is 5.9 yes I agree to participating in forum
  6. Has anyone else played any of these balls, I bought them on a whim looking to try and find a more affordable option to the premium golf ball market. Specifically I purchased the Bison X which is designed for swing speeds of 95-105mph when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the look they have a pearlescent coating on them similar to many Japanese golf balls. I play weekly so first time out the performance was also better than expected they performed equally as well as my Srixon XV or even a Titleist ProV1x. I have bought other so called performance balls online but these were much more durable and the cover remained In tact which is always the issue that I run into with balls. I would out these balls on a level with the premium ball brands in the market, I did not lose performance at all, they are durable but have great feel. They fly as far as th ProV1x, spin level is similar and durability is definitely there a great ball at 1/2 the price of the Titleist offering. In any event I hope to see mygolfspy test them at some point to see where they truly stack up in the ball lab. Michael Miami, FL
  7. If you are looking to play ProV1s then the lesser expensive alternative is refurbished balls they will not hold up as much as the new ones but they will still perform similarly. Other options are www.cutgolf.co as their blue golf ball performs pretty well and is a great value at $19.99/ dozen and the DC is available in Yellow at $29.99/ dozen. I am a traditionalist and prefer white golf balls but for the money the Blue is super solid.
  8. I will say this that Cut, as well as Vice make some decent balls with the price point of cut being much better. The biggest issue i see with these balls is they lack the durability of the Titleist ProV1, Prov1x and -ProV1x. That being said buying a Cut Blue at $19.99 a dozen or a ProV1 at $49.99 a dozen do you really expect the same durability? If you are looking for a pretty good golf ball at an affordable price then Cut is a great option, the cover is pretty soft and will groove up but i have not seen a significant drop off in distance and or feel. If all things were equal meaning price points, i would play a ProV1 series ball all day, but reality is they are not equal.
  9. Michael Miami, FL 108mph Cobra F8+ Aldila NV green 65 gram played the Nippon NS Pro 95 in my old irons
  10. Michael Miami, FL Walk every Saturday and Sunday morning. Carry my bag.
  11. Michael Miami, FL Srixon Q-Star Tour/ Z-Star XV Played the Top-Flite Magna along with the Top-Flite Strata golf balls. They were not the rocks that the XLs were. I played the Strata for probably 5-6 years as it was an affordable option to the Titleist golf balls and way more durable than the balatas.
  12. Michael Miami, FL Do not currently us a net Would love to add to my backyard.
  13. Michael Miami, FL RH 3 wood stiff or hybrid stiff 6.4 USGA yes have hybrid currently
  14. Michael, Miami FL Will practice putt on my carpet, winter doesn't really effect us here in Miami. i have a Putt Butt. i would say medium/fast for speed as the greens normally run pretty quick where i play.
  15. Michael /Miami, FL USGA Index 6.4 Adams xtd A-tour irons
  16. Michael Miami, FL Cleveland CBX 50/11and Wilson TW9 54/10 54 degree
  17. Michael- Miami, FL use a GPS watch currently Garmin Vivoactive HR along with Arcos Garmin watch
  18. 6.9 USGA Miami, FL Adams A-Tour irons 8 iron is 140-155 direct to consumer company been around a few years have looked at their irons a few times as they were rated decently.
  19. I live in South FL, our courses have been closed for 2-3 weeks has anyone else experienced this during the pandemic. Our local track had to rope off the course as people were treating it like a public park. I know most of the state of FL golf courses are still open as social distancing is rather easy in golf any other experiences out there like this?
  20. gualandi99

    Srixon Z-Stars

    I can't bring myself to play a colored golf ball, the closest i can go is the truvis pattern and even then i prefer white still. I am sure it is all mental but White is still what a golf ball should be.
  21. I believe Srixon may be the #1 performing ball out there, their entire lineup is high quality. I think you will see more and more people shift from Callaway, and Titleist to Srixon in the coming years. I think moving through the level of balls the Srixon perform equal or better than Titleist balls and generally are 10-20% less in cost.
  22. i have played Cut and they perform better than expected for the money, i like the 4 piece which i think was the gray, only issue was the cover durability so if they truly have fixed that this is a great ball option in my opinion. The one issue i had was flight with wedges as they tend not to fly as far for some reason, the mygolfspy test indicTed that as well. I will be interested to see if this is fixed.
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