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  1. Appetizer: Maryland Blue Crab Cakes seasoned with Old Bay, with remoulade sauce. Entree: Smothered chicken or smothered pork chop over rice. Collard greens with smoked turkey. My mom's mac & cheese. Dessert: Mixed-fruit cobbler (Peach, blueberry, and cherry) with vanilla ice cream and honey-bourbon whipped cream. Wine: I don't drink wine, so no clue.
  2. I actually clip mine to the velcro strap on my golf glove. I don't always wear a hat or belt, and usually don't take my glove off during a round. Can't even feel it, but it's right there. Not a fan of wearing a watch while playing, but my golfbuddy works essentially the same.
  3. Bracket in... looking forward to getting my hands on an 11C... good luck all!
  4. There's a good beginner clubmaking video series on Hireko's website (scroll to bottom of page): https://www.hirekogolf.com/basics-of-golf-clubmaking-video-series Hireko's "Technical Articles" section is also a great resource, and free: https://www.hirekogolf.com/golf-tech-articles
  5. Howdy neighbor! (League City here) Very cool project.
  6. My longest iron (Cobra King Utility) is lower lofted and plays a longer distance than my hybrid. 3H (215), 3i (230), 4w (250) I very rarely use the 3i off the deck for any approach. The 3i is used 80% off the tee, 10% for punchouts, and 10% for approaches off the deck (maybe once every 3-4 rounds).If there's room to miss with a good lie, I back off the 4w. If there's a bad lie or not much room to miss, I use the 3 hybrid and miss short. The 3i is easily the most unnecessary club in my bag, but I like hitting it so it stays in the bag.
  7. I'd also say rent.. other than that, get a set of easy-to-play timeless classics. Plenty of people still play clubs like V Steel fairways, Adams hybrids, Eye2 irons/wedges, and Anser putters by choice, so something like that wouldn't look out of place in a sporadically played bag. All of them are relatively inexpensive too. Full bag could be $200 or less.
  8. Looks kinda fun to make... good luck!
  9. I've seen drills done with knotted up bath towels that are supposed to be good for practicing lag and tempo. May be useful to find a goodwill store or pawn shop during those 2 week stints and just buy an old $3 iron or putter to practice with. Then just toss it or donate it back at the end.
  10. Agreed I definitely wouldn't do chalk without permission.
  11. I've also thought about using fish tape (https://www.harborfreight.com/50-ft-nylon-fish-tape-66505.html) or weedeater line. 25 ft would make an 4 foot radius, 50ft would make an 8 foot radius (too big for what I want). The problem is I'd be spending $10 for a "maybe this will work" solution when the actual answer is only $28.
  12. I've been thinking about this for a while and haven't come up with the right idea yet. My current thought is using some type of hand held chalk roller or spray chalk that would wash away the next time they water the grass. The Eyeline 6 foot target ring costs $28 on Amazon. That's the best deal I've found on a physical ring, but I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. Right now I just use my putter to measure the distance (3 foot radius / 6 foot diameter) and a handful of tees to create an imaginary circle.
  13. A guy in a group I was paying with (who I didn't know) was asked to replace the windshield on a personally-owned cart that he hit with an errant shot. The problem was, the course conditions were cart path only and the cart was about 20 yards off the path, so when the owner threatened to call the pro shop and get the marshall, the guy said "go ahead, please do". In the end, I think he gave him about $20 toward the windshield, but not nearly what the owner was initially requesting.
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