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  1. Nah.... all good. Got my irons...so not much more to the thread now. Crusaders are great. I'm a band director now. Good times!
  2. Thanks for the congrats boiz! I cant believe how well they hit. Ive had to get used to them, but now my accuracy and distance is right where is was hoping.
  3. Yes Russ! I marched corps from ‘88-‘91 Great years man!
  4. Thanks for the reply! Actually I hit the rogue 7 iron average 160-165 I hit the wilson ultra 5 iron 145-150...swinging my guys out... I'm sure you're correct though.
  5. I didn't mention I was using my 5 iron today... 2 club difference blows my mind
  6. I hit my dads old school machreggor blades better that those wilson clubs. Kinda bummed I spent money on em. Wish I researched better a few years back.
  7. BTW... that's an amazing difference. I was swinging as hard as I could, with control, to try and get that difference back... just couldn't do it.
  8. Very good. Yes, the ap1's have the correct specs I was fitted for. Correct shaft, correct flex, correct loft and lie... not sure if the grips are mid size, but I can always regrip
  9. Ok, So last week I went and got fitted fir irons. I was hitting callaway rogue and loved em. I averaged 160 with the 7 iron. So, I went out today with my wison ultra set (dont judge 😐) and could barely hit 150 with it.... is that right? Or, was the fitter just trying to sell me expensive clubs? I'm hoping to acquire some titleist ap1 716 with the specs the fitter gave me. Y'all think I'll get that distance back with ap1's??? Are my Wilson clubs fine??? Is there really that big of difference?
  10. Thanks doc! I'll know on Wednesday if I'm able to get em. My fingers are crossed too!
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